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Server time: 2018-07-17, 06:14 WE ARE RECRUITING

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treakn breaknson

i got rejected 3 times

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i got rejected 3 times for the same reasons even tho i right what some body righted about it but in another way 

the same reason you failed to explain NLR and KOS every thing is ok but those i cant apply again i typed what i found to be explain for NLR and kos 

i know how it works but i dont know how to explain it can i get another chance????? or what would i do now could you explain to me NLR AND KOS how to expline them i cant do it

i really want another chance can i get chance after amount of time ???? or there is no chance left for me :'(

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Hey treakn!

This is a serious roleplaying server, so the the 3 time rejection is enforced. You are welcome to make a ban appeal if you feel you were wrongly denied. With this being said, I will mark this as solved.

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If you wish to make a ban appeal, make sure to use the template located at the bottom of this thread.

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