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The state of DayZ Public

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Today I decided to embark upon some DayZ public madness and actually be friendly in comparison to the large KoS/Bandit population roaming the public servers. I collected the raw data and the numbers in my 3 hour play session actually surprised me.


I have a feeling that the large portion of DayZ pub will try to kill me and take my things. This includes fresh spawns, fake friendlies and or bandits and KoSers who are out for blood.

Variables in play:

 1. People I meet, They will range from Fresh Spawns to military geared characters. Naturally military geared characters are more of a threat, but that doesn't mean that Fresh Spawns are not.

2. Location, sticking to the coast will allow me to help the most people but will also put myself in danger to pvp hotspot cities as of .57 (Berezino, Elektro, Cherno, Balota)

3. Mixing both voice and text chat. This will also allow me to see how people respond to each. (Spoiler: Doesn't really matter.)

My gear:

It will consist of  a civilian long-rifle/handgun/melee weapon. A taloon backpack, jeans, shoes and a hunter jacket. (Cowboy hat for swagarific flair.)

Data Collected over 3 hours:

Spawn: Svetlo

Friendly: (People I have offered aid to/people who aid me)


Bandit: (Tried to tell me to drop my things.)


KoS: (Includes attempts)


Annoying Fresh Spawn: (The one dude that just wouldn't let me help them and give me space while I did so.)


Fresh Spawn Suicides: 


Conclusion: After trekking along the coast offering aid and help to every person I've found the numbers somewhat were as I expected. There are a few 'True' bandits, as I like to call them, out there. Drop your things blah blah blah. I escaped them because they normally couldn't aim. But the numbers of attempted KoS on me in 3 hours is 3 times as much as the number of 'true' bandits.

However, I was certainly surprised by the number of people I was able to help. Carrying burlap sacks, food, rope and making little care-packages for the 3 people I came across who were friendly was immensely helpful and one of the men, invited me to join a clan, and called me 'epic' (He was really nice :3) . However helping geared players was out of the question. Even though I offered Morphine, saline and even offered to test their blood for them in normally ended in a few stray shots going my way.

Lastly, many people tend to suicide when they do not like their spawn. I saw the same person do this twice because they were unhappy with where they ended up. I offered to help them, even give them my handgun (Unloaded) so that they at least had some method to protect themself. But they didn't care. 'I want the military loot right now' has turned into the mentality of most in-game.

Just an experiment, what do you guys think?

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I can't say I'm surprised honestly. That's kind of the state of affairs in with Pub DayZ. Although I really like the "care packages." That's a pretty neat idea.

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Dayz Public, where the nice guys are bad, the bad guys are bad, and the freshspawns just don't give a fuck.

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Dayz Public, where the nice guys are bad, the bad guys are bad, and the freshspawns just don't give a fuck.

I just could not agree more.

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I have been playing on publics all week... Im on the naughty seat from RP right now. I have not been KOS yet, but thats just luck. I have died in firefights and have been attacked by bambis. Tonight i tried to RP 100% seriously - first person i met attacked me with an axe, the second guy was friendly (2nd guy was fully geared at NWAF). We will see how it goes tomorrow. I honestly think that public has some potential. I love DayzRP servers but we all get too comfy in our protected shell. The thought of dying at any time somehow makes things very real.

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DayZ the KoS, murdering, post apocalyptic land of death where people don't care about much.

Sounds about right. that's why we need DayZRP so we don't get fucked over by random shit

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Eh, I'm fine with KoSing. I feel like the friendly players have created this arbitrary culture that puts themselves on a pedestal. Citing falsehoods like they're playing the game properly. A big core feature of this game is the freedom to play however you like - and that in turn makes each different facet of player more unique and special. The 'true bandit', the murderer, the bambi and the friendly (trusting fool).

After awhile of playing DayZRP I swap back to public for a bit - just for the threat of being KOS'd. Because if you play safe in DayZRP you can almost eliminate all threat of death.

DayZ pub isn't glamorous, it won't play out like an episode of 'The Walking Dead'. I really enjoy the fact it's so brutal, so temporary and flippant. You don't get that anywhere else. It's not red team vs blue team, good vs. evil, it's everybody thrown together in a grimey rainbow coloured turd.

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Nice "experiment".

I think you actualyl had a fairly good run. I expected higher numbers on the KoS and banditry for 3 hours of gameplay.

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It's war out there Chanson, and war is ugly. I have enjoyed popping on with the rest of the Hanged Men though, going as a group and coordinating made the publics fun for me. Of course we were roleplaying hillbilly cannibals.

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