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Can anyone make signatures?

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Forgive me if this doesnt belong here, but I am looking for someone to make a signature for my new character Miller Ellicott. I will give you details through PM, TS, etc but i just need someone who is good at making sigs.

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/ Moving to Questions

There should be some people that are willing to help you out here: http://www.dayzrp.com/f-Media

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Hi Shipwreck,

There are many community members who can help you out!  

They often make threads in our media Section!

You can post on many threads in our media section here http://www.dayzrp.com/f-Media

Here are some threads you can post on:




That Being said head out there and Ask,  They are almost Always willing to help another community member!

I will Mark this as solved, but please post any other questions you may have, or feel free to come to the helpdesk!



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if you want I can help you, I have a thread in the media where I do signatures. if you like my style you can always pm me or write in the forum. cheers Mr Fortune Cookie

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Im open to knocking something up

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