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Guest Squeeze

New To DayZ Rp, Hello to All

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Guest Squeeze

Hello Ladies and gentleman of this amazing website

I will not be on very much for the past week due to family events however I am excited to immerse myself in the wonderful of proper

roleplay. I have submitted my application and I hope to be playing ASAP

Keep on playing survivors,

Squeeze. <3

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Welcome to DayzRP :D!

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Hey Squeeze, welcome to DayZRP! If you have any questions fell free to ask any of us CH's and we'll help you out :)

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Welcome to the Community! Squeezeee, glad to have you with us.


Hi, Hello, Greetings! I'm Septimus, one of the many people here to offer you a helping hand. If you're stuck or outright confused with anything or simply wish to talk, you can send me a Private Message through the forums which can be found HERE. This community consists of unique and outstanding people that you can get a hold through both the forums and Teamspeak - A program used to communicate and socialize with people all around the globe. 

If you plan on jumping into one of the many servers but you seem to want some sort of verification in regards to our various and complex rules, you can do so by visiting this page HERE. If you have a issue with anything or have any questions that you'd like to share, you can do that here, within the Questions thread. Down below I'm going to be giving you a quick method of Navigation if you by any chance can't seem to find it on your own. Most importantly, Welcome and Enjoy. It's been a pleasure and I hope to catch you In-game!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): LINK

Donation Perks and Information regarding Staff: LINK

Rules and Regulations: LINK

Staff: LINK

Lore: LINK

Private Messaging Septimus: LINK

Current/Active Groups: LINK

Questions: LINK

Troubleshooting: LINK

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Welcome to DayZRP buddy! :) If you need any help with character ideas, development or research do not be afraid to contact me through PM or TS I'd be more than happy to be of assistance :D

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Welcome Squeeze!

Hope you have a great time here. Don’t forget to check out the lore and learn the rules. Have a look at the FAQ before making a new thread in the questions section. Feel free to PM me or one of the orange peeps with any question at all!

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