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Guess who's back, back again...

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*Dusty grabbed his radio, and pushed the button down for a second before letting it go, hesitating, unsure of how to begin. He pressed it again, and began to speak*

"This is to anyone listening. Any newcomers to Chernarus, any veteran survivors of the land, anyone seeking help, friendship, safety. My friends and I can support you. We have food, and medical supplies to spare. We leave care packages in bags across the landmarks of Chernarus. We help anyone that needs it, and that deserves it. Whether that be food or other supplies, or helping in conflicts."

*He paused and thought about what he was going to say next, then continued on.*

"Simply, we are survivors, like everyone else, trying to do the right thing and live honest lives. We have been absent from these lands for a bit, but that doesn't matter anymore. What matters is that we're back. We may be small in numbers, and there's a reason for that, but it's not the size of the dog that matters, it's the size of the fight inside that dog that matters. Many thought us, our group, our ideals, to be dead, but we are back, and more resilient than ever."

*He paused once more to make sure he knew exactly how he would deliver the next words. He began again, and spoke slowly, and confidently, so as not to let his excitement show through his tone*

"We are the Western Watch. As I said, we've been absent for a bit, and we are small in numbers. The reason for this absence will remain known to only those of us that were apart of the events leading up to the downfall of the previous chapter of the Watch. To any friends of the Watch that are still alive, and to any former members, head my words carefully. Rel Pham, Lucas Johnson, and Johnny Orion are not to be trusted. They do not stand for our previous, or current, ideals anymore. Consider the old versions of those men long gone."

*He stopped and let those words sink in; it actually hurt him to admit that some of his brothers were gone. He shook off the feeling and continued speaking*

"To any former members, friends or allies of the Watch, or anyone looking for a place to belong, we welcome you with open arms, should you join us or open contact once again. You can find us travelling across Chernarus, find our care packages at different landmarks, or contact us at frequency 99.9. We accept people from all walks of life, and treat those that are with us as family."

*He left his radio on, listening, hoping and dreading that anyone would respond to his message*

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-Finnr listens to the message and gets a big smile on his face-

Western Watch

It has been awhile since I've heard those two words together, I was there a long time ago I liked your ideals just never had the pleasure to meet you... Sadly enough........

Anyway thats not why I respond to your transmission... I wish to meet with you,

It would be nice, meeting another group of survivors with similiar motives out there finally.

I hope to hear from you soon

-Finnr clicks off the radio hoping to hear a response-

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**Carthan is wandering through the woods near his bunker, trying to find the entrance once more. He was glad that he hid it here, and in such a concealed spot. It is a good place to come and relax. Sighing, and seeing the entrance finally, he smiled and opened the hatch. Climbing down the stairs, turning around, and watching his surroundings, he nods and closes the hatch. Climbing down the stairs for 18 more feet, he then set his feet down on the floor of the bunker. Flipping some switches next to him on the left, he watches as the lights, radio, air ventilation, and other appliances light up and activate accordingly. He smiled, knowing that the Geothermal Generator he had placed was a smart idea. Walking over to armory case next to the door that led into storage area, he opened the doors and first placed his AK-74 in it's proper place. Then he did the same with his MP5, and then his P1. Placing his bags and vest in there as well.

Closing the armory case with a tired sigh, he walked over to the shower and proceeded to clean himself of the last few days of traveling. After a few minutes, playing "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" as he showered, he stepped out, and dried off. Putting on his clothes for inside the bunker, which was really silk pajamas, he then sat in his 360 turning and wheeled seat. Pushing himself over to the radio, he started turning to the frequencies he heard that were active before. Hearing nothing, he sighed then starts down the lists of active and not active channels. Just as he was reaching the end of the lists, he heard this broadcast. Stopping with a raised eyebrow, he fine tuned in and turned up the volume.

Leaning back, he listened to the man's words, and his eyebrows shot up at the man saying the "Western Watch" was back. That was something he hadn't heard in a while. Hearing the rest of the broadcast, he decides to let them prove themselves. So, picking up the transmitter, he presses down on the button.**

"Well hello there! This is your one and only Millionaire Pizza boy Mr. Banks. Glad to hear ya fellas making a comeback. But, as they say, actions speak louder than words. So, cannot wait to hear what you guys do. Good luck, stay alive, and stay well gents. This is Mr. Banks out!"

**Releasing the transmission button, he replaced the transmitter back on it's holder and leaned back in his chair, his face thoughtful. Then, shurging, he goes over to the CD player, and puts in ACDC's "Back in Black" album, turning to the title song. Pressing play he smiles, and swings around in seat. Thinking to himself internally, "Man, it is good to be back."**

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