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vision problems

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so at first i dont know if it really goes in here but i hope you can still help me 

so my problem is that i nearly died of dehydration and now i drank a lot but my vision is still blurred as hell and i cant see really good

is there a way to fix that or do i need help from other players?

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Just go into your video settings, should fix it.

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you are probably close to dieing.

You might need a saline bag infusion, fro ma different player.

If you are actualyl heealthy and fully healed and still have this blurred vision, try going to options - graphics. It should auto adjust to the correct view again.

However, I am almost certain that you need a saline bag.

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If you are sick of the blurry visions and wanna remove them forever just go to your video options and turn completely off (down) Post Process Effects and voila.

You will still go black and white as you die but without the blurry!

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IF you are not truly dying as Vandy said, in game you hit ESC and go to:

Configure---->Video All you have to do is click on those two buttons, then:

Close--->Close--->Close The final close should put you back in game with a clear screen.

Almost everytime I log in I have video glitches requiring me to do this. It clears everything right up. It even worked once when I was injured by an infected. So I'd try all the suggestions here, starting with whichever one you find simplest. Go through the list until one works. If you need saline, hospitals have it, as do other players. Good luck!

Let us know how you come out :)

Edit: OP you #2fast4me.

Glad everything worked out. Marking this as-


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