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Unknown Broadcast

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It's show time baby.

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Guest Phat J

::Huru hears the mans voice, and decides to respond::

"Herro sir!"

::Huru ends the transmission::

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*More radio fiddling. Who would have guessed after rolling down the hill north of Stary would present such a wonderful radio frequency change that resulted in Johnny Denver's voice. He'd state his words just as she dispatched two infected. Good timing. She quickly tugged the radio from her vest after a quick scan.*

"It's go-away time, Baby."

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"Don't worry baby. We can go on that date now"

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Anne grinned at the transmission, stood, and started off to tell the Pumpkin King. 

"Isn't it nice to hear that voice again?"

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*Wong Hears a familiar voice over the radio. He quickly responds hoping his message is received*

J..Johnny...You know I fault you was dead.

You left without saying a word..abandoned me...All of us

I looked at you as a older brother and you left without a GOD DAMN WORD   

Are you back for good...or for revenge...I know you have heard

You have my private frequency contact me.

If you are only hear for a short time just come and say hello yea? 

Everyone is gone..

Most are dead...

Don't you see what you did...

*Wong releases the button on his radio. Wong sighs with relief*

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Guest slummylemon

*A Familiar Monotone Raspy Voice Is heard Talking Quietly*

Johnny.. I remember that voice from fucking anywhere...

Almost Every one of us got killed johnny, Us Clowns..

My new brothers..and sisters..

Me included.. Fucking Russians Almost fucking killed me..

Good thing i still hav...HAD people looking out for me.

*There is a pause*

We Need To Talk.

*Static Is heard*

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(Digging through a dead mans belongings when the radio in his vest goes off . Cabaas smirks at the sound of Denvers voice)

[Picks up the radio, wiping the blood on it off on the dead mans shirt]

Mista Denver, come come we have men to kill. It has been some days since we last killed together.

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"Alright baby lets go down the list. Cabass it's good to hear from you again! Me Carlos and some of the boys are back in town and we would love to see your ugly face, baby. My dear Mr. Wong I can assure you that I am indeed back for a long while. And I have already talked to many gamblers so I am not sure what you mean when you say most are dead. Chase my friend, after you vanished our relations with the clowns took a down hill turn, but I'm sure we can figure something out over a nice cold beer. And ann how could I ever forget that lovely voice baby. We do need to catch up. Give me a ringa dinga ding some time baby."

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* Wong listen to Johnny and replies*

Lets go through the list.

Darion -Gone up to russia or some shit

Keith -MIA 

Kaiden -killing family

Lucy- dead

Rebeka- Dead

Hailey -most prob dead or unknown

Maxwel-l Where the fuck is he?

Milio-I haven't seen him


Panda- Dead

Joe Kerr- MIA

those im sure off now..

Carlos- Was around once and turns on old friends

Anyway you get the image right... thats no even everyone...

So I mean if you know where some of those names are please tell me.

Gamblers for life.

*Wong releases the radio switch  remembering some of the names on that list..*

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*Pauly hears Wong get the list done but doesn't hear his name*

"Hey BUDDY! You forgot about me!"

*Pauly turns off his radio*

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*Jay listens to what Alyssa's radio message he find its hard to find the right words to say*

I know you don't believe me. Honestly though I am sorry that Buddy, Banana man and yourself was caught in the middle

I didn't want your things or took anything yes. Those people...Carlos...the ones that turned against us in the end they took it all..

You wasn't even meant to be robbed or even handcuffed but those savages took it into there own hands and stole your goods...NOT ME or any of my guys...Believe me or not but I am truly sorry for what happened that Night.

*Jay sighs before releasing the button on his radio. He hangs his head in shame while sitting next to a fire drinking the last of the vodka*

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*After is response to Aiden, Carlos switches over to more familiar voices.*

"Ahhh..it's good to be back Johnny." 

*Carlos quickly chuckles at Jays comments*

"Unfortunately for the people of Chernarus, I don't  fucking have infinite bottles of Tequila. Oh well, back to the old grind Pendejos."

*Carlos retires his bandana and thinks about his life ahead of him.*

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*Joe flicks his cigarette to the ground and steps on it as he takes out his radio*

Ayyy Wong pally you know I'm always around some where listening, haha glad to be back in business fuckers!

*With a smile on his face Joe puts his radio away*

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[Cory hears the transmission and recognizes the voice of an old friend]

Welcome back, and thanks for helping me out the other day up at Green Mountain, I definitely owe you one.

[Cory sets the radio down on the grass beside him and continues to relax near the warm fire]

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Guest CUDA

The voice of an African male can be heard over the radio

Denver, you savage we must meet again.

I bring the white like always, yes yes

The transmission fades

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