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The search for Sweeney (All Frequencies)

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*He pauses for a minute, and thinks about what he is going to say*

"I've heard a lot about you Mr. Sweeney, and I wish to meet with you some time. If I'm not mistaken, people called you a doctor, and a pretty damn good one."

*He pauses for a second*

"If you hear this, please respond, the longer I wait, the less stable I become."

*He sets down his radio, and listens intently for a response*

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clicks radio on...

hello this is Sweeney yes I am a doctor of sorts.

what is it that you need young one.

I will wait for your responds..

leaves radio on and waits in a house.

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*Jake hears this, and scrambles to grab his radio*

"Not here, I won't talk here, yes. No, yes. Yes... No..."

*He continues saying "Yes" and "No" in random orders*

"Meet me in Dolina, please, if you don't mind, yes. Heh, I need help, if you cannot tell."

"I'll be waiting."

*He puts his radio in his bag, and walks down to Dolina.*

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