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A gretting from a newcomer

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The sound of the static on the radio waves gets interrupted by the voice of a man who speaks with a strong accent in his loud voice


"Come on you piece of shit, work''  the man hits the radio for a bit 

"Ah I give up, if this дрианаиа стука works then to whoever hears me a big and warm hello. My name is Grigori and I came back here in my homeland about 1 day ago and found this piece of crap. I just wanted to introduce myself to all of the people that live here in Chernarus and also to tell that I am open to trading with anyone, I 've got bullets and unfortunately I haven't got any alcohol otherwise I would invite you to have a glass so yeah if you need some ammo then give a shout''

A loud rumble of a stomach is heard in the background 

"Is preferable  if you have got some charcoal tablets with you hahaha"

Moans are heard in the backround 

"Ops it seems that I have attracted the locals okay then, have to go''

The static returns back to the radio waves

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