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Can't save graphical settings/options

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Every time I load up my game, my game resets my options to what they used to be.

I recently went in game and changed my name back to Louis Milbourne (which I have to do everytime I launch my game), and then I went into the server and maxed out all my settings EXCEPT for anti-aliasing, and other weird settings I don't like.

I go to the main menu and hit "EXIT". 

I launch my game again - 

- Name was reset back to what it was before. (Not Louis Milbourne)

- Video Settings, Audio Settings, Keybindings, all reset back to what they were before

- Interface size has been reset to "Normal" as well.

Anyone know the issue?

EDIT I have figured out the issue. I just noticed that I am very stupid.

The file that is for my profile was "Read Only", please close this thread.

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Make sure your settings in the files are not set to read only. If you changed a setting within the file and set it as Read Only and changes wont take effect.

(Or so I think I had this problem also and had to do this)

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check your config properties:



Documents/DayZ/ (PC Username).DayZProfile

if they are set for read only, your in game menu changes to graphics, name, favourite servers, etc will not save.

Edit: Just saw your ninja edit, good work.

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Glad to see that you found the problem, i'll mark this as /solved

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