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Do You Like Games? ~ All Frequencies

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Pixie purposely wrapped duck tape against the radio so the voice activation button and placing it on the concrete floor. The distance between the woman constantly screaming and trying to get someone's attention in the abandoned area was a possible someone to find them to not being found by anyone. The loud frothy waves clashing up against the concrete wall of the docks indicated that the victim and Pixie where somewhere near the shore.

"So you-"

Pixie was interrupted by them woman aggressively screaming:


But never managed to finish off her sentence as her boot met with the woman's face. Pixie's womanly face with the childish charm had a frown which couldn't be turned upside down... yet.

"So you don't think my dollies are pretty?"

The woman yet again attempted to scream repetitively until a very dry sack like cloth covered in a dried burgundy colour was shoved deeply into her mouth, a burlap sack covered in human blood of course not a surprise.

"You gave a mean look to my friends and you think I'm going to sit here, smiling and accepting the fact you're judging them?"

The girl, Pixie, was not amused by the fact the woman had judged her friends. The dolls which where rotting limbs which kept the girl company.

"You thought this was some sort of game?!" 

An idea popped into Pixie's head but she continued to look displeased at the woman. She pulled her backpack off and routed through, her arm disappearing like it was some sort of Mary Poppin's magic trick. She murmured to herself yet the radio caught some of what she was saying:

"Not this.... No... is.... Hrmmmm..... AH! Here we are!"

Her hand pulled out both some long plated rope and a rusty blade covered in the same blood that was covering the burlap sack. Metaphorically speaking the woman's face was slowly turning green from recognising the matching colours. Grabbing the burlap sack which made woman look like a grinch mixed with a chipmunk cheeks she cut the burlap sack smaller so her face wasn't so clumped to what she was about to do.

"I miss games... Like puzzles.... The ones with pixies on them and the horssessss and the animallllssss..."

Her red punk boots scraped along the concrete floor behind what seemed to be a lamp post the unknown woman was bound to with handcuffs around her wrists. She placed the rope around her forehead and tightly wrapping it as her head smacked against the metal post also causing a mild rope burn against her forehead.

"Don't move~"

Her head moving over to the woman's shoulder, singing into her ear. She was restricted in turning her head. Pixie skipped to the front of the woman, humming Do-Re-Me by the sound of music. The rusty blade serpentining gently across the woman's pale wet cheek. Pixie's face saddened dramatically until it spread from ear to ear with a sickly sadistic grin. What was this girl thinking?

"This will only hurt a wittle ittle bit!"

She dabbed the rag like cloth to dry the woman's face like it was preparing for a master piece after she had licked the salty tears from her face. Feeding mentally off of the woman's fear.

"I'm so tempted to eat your.... flesh."

The blade stopped at the top right hand side of her cheek beginning to slowly carve under the flesh down to her mouth, trying to get as much flesh to play with later. The knife them dragged up to the opposite side of the woman's face. She now had skin sliced like prosciutto. The muscle like flesh weeping with blood constantly as the woman cried in agonising pain. Her whole body now shaking with fear and upset. Pixie sat cross-legged in-front of the restrained woman with a half missing face. 

"You know what, you played a game with me. So you like games too! Lets see if you like my combination of yummy yummy flesh and puzzles."

The knife began cutting up the woman's missing flesh into jigsaw pieces and mixing them up. The woman staring down in shock, speechless and without word of what to do. The pain she was experiencing was overwhelming her reaction. She was possibly going to die. Pixie's face was covered, unable to be identified. She turned the woman's radio on to find the same frequency on the duck taped radio from the man she had previously killed. She left the radio duck taped on the ground near Pixie's current victim. Packing her tools and pulling the cloth from the woman's mouth. Running off with her new radio and allowing the woman to call for help. 

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*takes a bite out of his cow steak while he picks up his radio and swallows before answering*


It's amazing the ways people can keep themselves occupied


Y-yes mhmm glad to hear you're h-h-haaaaving  fun P-P-Pixie girl- HA! hmm

another g-good toy to pla-y-y with would b-b-b-b-b-be a HOOK!! *cough* m-many ways you can u-use it... yes

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While sitting in his new office going through paperwork referencing all the potential associates he met today, Mickey's radio suddenly blared to life with the screams of a woman along with the sound of what seemed like a beach shore. Soon, Mickey heard a very sweet and familiar voice, it was that Pixie girl yet again and it sounded like she had another playtime meal with her.

Delighted with hearing Pixie's poetic tone, Mickey turned up his radio's volume and pulled it in closer and began listening intently, all the while laughing to himself as the broadcast continued on. Constantly commenting to himself on her work, and all the improvements she's made since last time; he was delighted by the ending she provided, even feeling a slight shiver run down his spine. When things started to quiet down on Pixie's end Michael placed the radio between his knee's, holding the talk button down in the process.

Loud, rapid clapping is suddenly heard over the radio.

"Bravo Miss Pixie, bravo indeed! Yet another fabulous show you've put on for us this evening and my, how the talent has gone through the roof! It seems you've taken what I said to mind and learned that keeping your food alive and squirming is much more delightful than simply killing them and letting all that tasty meat spoil. Yes, another golden star for our gold star queen, you've earned it!"

Clapping is yet again heard over the radio, this time accompanied by an almost maniacal laughter, after half a minute Mickey is able to recompose himself and begins to speak with a softer, yet still delighted tone.

"I do hope you keep us up to date with your little talent shows, they ever so brighten my day. I still dream of the day I run into you and can see your work first hand but, ah, well now, I won't bore you any longer with my praise. Tell Hanz and the others I said hello and hope they're doing well!

Well then, toodle-oo my dear!"

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Guest CUDA

Jaka is sitting on the stoop of a house his comrades have take respite in.

He relaxes on the stoop stretching his legs and taking out a small flask from the front pocket of his jet black vest.

He has the flask in hands and is about to unscrew the cap when all of the sudden his radio comes alive.

He is a bit startled by the sudden scream.

he listens to what sounds like a young woman and thinks carefully about the words she says.

At this point his full attention is on the radio.

He cringes periodically at the sounds of torture.

He decides to say something over the Radio.


Did I just listen to a fucking cartoon.

I really hope I listen to Cartoon because that was uhh how you say. Fucked.

Jaka shakes his head

Unscrews the cap on the flask and downs what is left of the liquor inside of it.

Jaka clicks the small button on his radio ending the transmission.

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Thaddeus held a bandage to his head covering his severed right ear.  He had a shotgun wound to his chest wrapped up and he was bleeding all over in the dark.  He flipped through radio stations to comfort himself, but what he heard sent a chill down his spine.  He lifts the radio to speak.

"The fuck is this?  Who even transmits this trash huh?"his voice horse and raspy.

Thaddeus slumped back wincing in pain, "This world is really messed up."he muttered to himself.

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The sound of leaves crunching beneath started the transmission, she was mildly out of breath. The girl really did need to trim the fat off of her meat before dining. The wind howled down the microphone with a high tone. 

"I need my playtime nap."

She stated with a tired like tone. A mischievous laughter echoed down the microphone, it was strong and meaningful. 

"The largest jigsaw piece I could find to.... snack on tonight!"

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*Johnny Denver pick up his radio after hearing what transpired.*

"I'm just going to say this baby, because everyone is thinking it. All of you are fucked up motha fuckas, And she is a crazy bitch."

*Johnny sets down his radio thinking about how anyone could be worst then the Pumpkin king.*

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