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The Darkness - Bazinov's Shorts

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Franko    31

Roaming aimlessly down a road stands Daniel. Glimpsing his wiery eyes towards the darkness, he inhales the ice cold air in his blemished lungs and coughs. His heart sinks, he sees something... A figure...

He squints his tired eyes and stares at the figure. The figure stands deadly still, not moving the slightest. It stares directly  into Daniels eyes, causing his spine to chill from the bottom up. Daniel takes off his mask and  attempts to interact with the figure. "Eh! Hello!" He yells.

There was no response... The figure continued to stare with it's ice white soulless eyes into Daniels mind. Daniel unlocks the safety on his weapon and begins to walk backwards away from the figure, not laying one eye off it.

Daniel walks ever so carefully back towards the moonlight watching his every step. He gazes back towards the darkness and watches the figure stare. Staring, staring, and staring, Not moving a single hair...

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