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487.4 - The Sharpshooters of Chernarus Frequency

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*A quick transmission over all radios sounds as Drifter begins speaking*

Hey, y'all. This is Drifter! Sharpshooter's always experience a much different side of battle than most who just take arms and begin shooting. This is a frequency to all of the sharpshooters of South Zagoria, and maybe someday I'll work to get the signal reaching farther across the land. Regardless, ranging from the Westerners to Easterners, no matter who you fight for or why, this is a side for those who prefer to pick off targets and strike fear into their enemies, they love the hunt. However, this is NOT a sniper's frequency. You see, out of the hundreds of survivors in Chernarus, there is no more than a dozen true snipers. Many more claim to be, but for those of you who truly understand the art, you know who you are, and I feel that the comradery between the snipers should only be shared in person. With that said, I hope to all hear from you marksmen on 487.4!

*Drifter releases the button and ends the transmission, quickly switching to 487.4*

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