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Dimitri's New Life

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My name is Dimitri, once a French citizen until I was five, then moved to the great lands of Chernarus. My father was Cherno-Russian, and my mother was French. We moved because my father had bought a new house in Stary, and the one we were currently living in was run-down and scheduled for deconstruction, hence the reason why I had to leave France. I did not leave any friends behind considering I did not have any... This is did not bother me. My father told me that I will make plenty of friends where we were going. He was wrong at first, considering the school I went to - everyone there spoke Russian, and they would always make fun of me for being a foreigner to Chernarus. My father taught me everyday to speak the Russian language and even bought be a handbook to take to school so that I could teach myself. Eventually I got used to it and forgot how to speak French; that did not matter. Once I got used to speaking Russian, I began to make friends fast, that was when my father was right. 

I had 2 best friends Viktor and Roma; we used to do the stupidest shit together. One time, we went to Prig Mountain and and climbed up the whole damn hill. We didn't bring any safety equipment. Yes, but that was when we around the ages of 16 - 18. 

I am 20 years old now... thinking back on it, I would do anything to bring them back... for what I have done. 

Warning: This is a WIP for my alternate character; not finished yet. But, I would still like some feedback on how I'm doing and what I should add to make it perfect.

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