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Johannes K.

A new survivor on the beach.

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"Hopefully works this old radio device. Hello... Is there anyone?... I'm Johannes Krause. I was part of a group of journalists from Germany. We were 8... I'm the only one still alive...

I'm on the coast. I think the place is called Kamenka. You can hear me?..."

"Oh wait... What was that?... I hear something in front of the house...

Shit... Oh please... not again... I... I have to go!"


I'm excited. That there is this role-play server. Maybe we'll meet in the woods of Chernarus.

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// Great to meet you mate!

I sense the Role-Play is strong within you. Make sure you post your story in our RP section so we can all have a read on how you got here and your exploits :D

Hope to see you soon!

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// Hey welcome nice to have a new fellow RP-er in the server(s).

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