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Matthew Nugget

Green Mountain

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* Matthew Runs in fear and dives into dirt*

*Turns on radio*

"Is there anyone out there?"

*takes a moment to think*

*turns radio back on*

"I just saw 2 people being robbed at green mountain, i didnt see how many their were robbing but i heard screaming"

"I could do nothing but run, I am not as armed as them, this will burden me forever. I tried to protect Green mountain, i ran out for supplies and come back to this horror".

*turns radio off*

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TLake    23

Thaddeus shakes his head and sighs,

"This is why you don't even bother protecting anything other than yourself.  Every time someone claims some location is safe someone else has to come along and prove them wrong.  In the end the only thing we can be somewhat certain of is our own safety, and even that can be tested."

He lowered the radio.

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Chief    597

"Long ago the place was RELATIVELY safe. Back in the days when me and the great Knight were there. Don't go there unless you are desperate for help or have a large group to deter the bandits and crazies. Contact me on a private frequency and I can help you. Stay safe, stay alive."

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Dew    211

*Stan Grabs his Radio out of his pocket and scratches his beard*

*Coughs a little and clears his throat* Well boy no place is safe, everywhere is a danger zone boy. So just get up and keep moving. Always be travelling or there's an end near for you boy.

*Puts his radio away, tips his hat back and smokes on his pipe*

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