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The story of a Drifter

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Travelling was always part of my life, I think my first memories were that of a bus with me sitting on the lap of my mother who was asleep and me watching the mountains that we were passing by.

My parents emigrated from Chernarus as soon as they could to find a better life in Europe and surprisingly so they found it. Because of their efforts I had a pretty happy and carefree childhood and a good part of it I spent it in the Alps walking with my father the trails that the hunters and the shepherds use. You see my father was a hunter in Chernarus and after he came here in Europe he found a good paying job but his passion for the hunt and trekking didn't diminished in the slightest. He taught me many things, how to shoot a rifle, how to find tracks, how not to lose yourself in the forest and what mushrooms and berries where good for eating, he always was near me to help and offer advice. My mother taught me many things, she taught me kindness, compassion, courage and especially she made discover the fantastic world of the books, I made so many journeys in faraway lands and in places where you can arrive only by imagination. I climbed the highest peaks of the world, went into the deepest parts of the sea, explored lands where there were brave heroes fighting great evils and later in my life I also explored the last frontier of humanity our own mind.

[align=left]My life didn't have any great tragedies in it and it was all good, I started studying psychology at the university and I really liked learning about how our mind works and after finishing it I stared travelling around the world doing odd jobs there and there. It was me, my backpack and my books, it was all that I needed and it is all that I need even now when the dead raised and stared wandering the earth. All changed and it was fast, cities have become deathtraps and the only safe places were in the countryside, forests and mountains and even there you could find the dead ones walking alone or even worse a horde of them. I had an easier time than most of the remaining people since I knew how to live in the wilderness but that didn't mean that I didn't fell lonely, I joined many groups, I ended in many dangerous situations and I still continued wandering around and somehow I ended here in Chernarus my homeland....maybe I am going to visit the village where my father and mother lived before going in Europe, actually now I am wondering how are they doing, I hope everything is fine with them but I think I shouldn't worry about them. They always have managed and I am sure it hasn't changed those two are tough.

So many possibilities are open right now so let's what my homeland has to offer me. This is gonna be interesting.

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