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Tyler Green

Just a few questions.

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Hello all,

I am currently waiting for my second whitelist application to be looked at after my first one was reject :(. While waiting I have nothing else to do so decided to find out a bit more about the server. I am just going to be asking a few questions so I hope some of you could help me out and also give me some in game tips and forum tips.

Anyway lets get on with the questions

1. Where is the hot spots on this server, for example where on the DayZ map would I most likely find a lot of people and a lot of action?

2. Do people mainly act friendly towards you while role playing on this or is their more bandits?

3. Have the servers always got people on them or is there times of the week were the servers are empty?

4. Where is the best part of the map to get loaded up with gear?

5. Where abouts on the map would be a good place to set up a camp?

6. What is the best way to get yourself know on the community?

7. Are there any groups that I should try to avoid, for example a group full of bandits?

8. Are there any popular YouTubers that come onto the server to record gameplay?

9. Would you recommend my character to act aggressive, for example robbing people or act friendly, for example protect people against bandits?

10. Lastly are there any places on this server where I should avoid, for example any towns?

Thanks for any answers :), just trying to know a bit more about the server.

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/moved to questions

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Hello Tyler,

Thank you for Your questions!

To make this easier i will answer your questions in the order you ask them

1. You must find this out in game!  Go out and Explore my friend! you will find people

2. There are no real answers to this one.  Everyone has their own deep and developed characters, We have a balance of good and evil, and some in the Grey areas, But dont be fooled not many are pushovers so be mindful what you try in front of characters

3.Our servers are always populated unless they are down for maintenance! We have Dedicated members who love to roleplay!

4. Ill take this as you mean Gear as Rolpelay and that my friend is everywhere!

5. Unfortunaly there is no persistance so camps get wiped every three hours, But anywhere is a good place if you hide it well enough!

6. The best way to get known is to Be active in game and in the forums!

7. You should never avoid anyone unless you Character has had previous hostile encounters with them!

8. I dont understand what you mean by this, Many of us stream and post videos yes, but do to our RP standards and rules Famous individuals dont last long here.

9. Your character is yours to develop!  Try something and see if it works!

10. Dont avoid anything! Jump in and enjoy yourself. if your afraid to get robbed then your gonna miss out on some seriously nice RP

I hope these answer your questions! 

I will mark this as solved

Please feel free hop on TS and ask more questions!

or post them here and i will answer them!



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1.  Hotspots are always moving, you will have to find out in game.  Or check radio chatter for IC info, you can use in game.

2.  There is a variety.  Find out in game.  My advice, try to group up.

3.  The servers are rarely empty.  There are peak times for both regions in which we go from two to three servers.

4.  Depends on what gear you want.  Military places for miltary gear seems pretty logical, everywhere else is fun to find in game.

5. Depends completely on the needs of your character.  I recommend being nomadic at first.

6.  Be active in the forums and be unique and active in game

7. You will need to find this out in game.

8. Sometimes.  Check the forums for youtube channels and twitch streamers

9. Banditry is difficult to do right.  I recommend being a survivor first and seeing where your character takes you.

10. Find out on game ;)

Hope this helps somewhat.  I was purposely vague becausr that is the fun of it!

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Thanks guys, you helped a lot, just need my application to be accepted so I can find out some of the unanswered questions for myself ;)

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Thanks guys, you helped a lot, just need my application to be accepted so I can find out some of the unanswered questions for myself ;)

Absolutely Tyler, feel free to PM myself or a community helper if you have any other questions as well. 

Good luck on the app!  See you out there soon!

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Thanks guys, you helped a lot, just need my application to be accepted so I can find out some of the unanswered questions for myself ;)


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