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Advanced Surgical Techniques after the loss of Modern Medicine

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*A man sits at a desk hunched over a stack of papers, lit only by a single candle he pens the final words of the title and signs his name.*

Advanced Surgical Techniques

After the loss of Modern Medicine

By Dr. Alan Pierce M.D. M.S. D.Psych

*He futilely blinks his dry and bloodshot eyes. He gathers all the papers into his hands and taps them onto the desk neatly stacking the cacophony of loose notes and etchings. He then wraps the papers in a black cloth and ties it tight with a piece of string.*

*He blows out the candle and looks out the window of the clinic and up a the night sky. The mournful howl of a infect faintly breaks the silence of the night perhaps kilometers away carried far in the silent night. The doctor ponders to himself.*

"Will this even matter?"

Warning Mild Graphic Imagery


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