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Patrick Rabbit.

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*Cahir sits down against a fence beside an old store next to Dolina. While thinking about what he just heard from a unknown woman he sits for 10 minutes as tears fall down his face. Suddenly Cahir is soon forced to leave. Cahir lurks up into the trees when he pulls out a radio from his backpack and clicks it on.*

*Irish Accent* "Hello,my name is Cahir" *Pauses for a second then sighs as he raises his voice* "I have spent most of my fucking days looking for a friend which is apparently dead." 

*Heavy breathing can be heard as he fights back the tears* 

"His name was Patrick Rabbit, but I can still see him in my head. I KNOW HE IS STILL ALIVE! 

*Radio goes silent for a minute, When suddenly Cahir yells into the radio*

"Patrick if you can hear this please reply or contact me in anyway buddy! I need to know if the woman in Dolina lied please!...  just don't let it be true!" 

*Cahir covers his mouth with his hand and closes his eyes trying to avoid crying*

*Cahir slowly click his radio off and sits still against a tree not moving an inch, just remembering the times he spent with his old friend*

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*Killian wakes up in a heartbreak, losing his mind, sweat dripping down his face, hearing the haunting words "Patrick Rabbit", reaches down on clicking the radio on*

*Dark Grim Irish Accent* "Mmm its true all of it Lad..

my brothers dead.. a traitor.. he wasn't my brother anymore he did things that should have never been done, you do not betray your brothers and sisters, lose honour.. well hes dead, I killed him. Did I truly want to? No... but what would a traitor do.. destroy what my men and I have.. it is a different story to betray someone you do not know... but your blood your family. Let it be lesson to all of us.. traitors will die.

*Lays back forgetting his brother thinking about his love, while loading his magazine, clicking off his radio*

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*As Cahir sits resting his head against a tree, holding on to his rifle, dead still he was until he heard a voice of another Irish lad. Cahir reaches for his radio and listens closely to the man before clicking on his radio*

"I've heard of you, you must be Killian huh? Yes, the woman told me that Patrick had a brother...."

*Stops and takes a deep breath* 

"As much as I want to kill you for what you did... I.. I can't. You knew Patrick more than anyone... *sighs*

"I want to meet you.. I- I Just want to understand all these rumors.. fuck... Patrick was my best friend I need to know... *sighs*

*Cahir clicks off his radio while soon gathering his supplies to travel, in hope of finding this man*

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*Sits on top of a building telling a few snipers orders*

Kill me? Mmm.

*Lights a cigar you would hear him blowing the smoke*

Listen lad... never make threats here my friend.. threats get ye six feet under if you are even lucky to get a burrial. I am in a middle of a operation.. when I get back lad.

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"Aaawh yes. More Irish brotherens... hopefully you are.. a smart one this time."

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