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Keep AWAY from Dolina! (All frequencies)

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*Jake turns his hand over, and continues to rub his wrists. Pouring water, and trying to stop the cramping*

"Stay... Away... From... Dolina..."

*He laughs a little bit*

"Death... Cannibalism... MURDER" *He laughs a loud maniacal laugh* "This is what awaits you if you visit! We don't want that, do we?"

*He takes a deep breath, and bangs his pan against a nearby wall*

"I, heh, can't tell you what I've seen! What I've seen will SCAR you forever! HAHAHAH!"

*He lets out a long, hysterical laugh."

"To all you crazies, and murders of Dolina, those of you looking for blood... I'll let you meet PANela!" (Play-On of Pamela)

"Kill us all... Steal our stuff... And hurt panela! How dare you! I'm talking to you, Chedaki! HAAAH"

*He pauses for a breath*

*In a very childish, and dazed tone* "London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down... London bridge has fallen down, my fair lady."


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