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Are you there my comrades? - A message to the Chedaki

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-A fire crackles inside of a house, the outskirts of some town in the countryside. A man wearing olive drab clothing is sitting at a wooden table, a bottle of alcohol, and a radio in his hand.. He ponders for a moment, wondering if he should make the transmission. He would take a swig from the bottle, then press down on the button to transmit- 

"Hello out there, my name is Nikolai.." 

-He pauses- 

"I am looking for my old friends, we fought together years ago.. I have heard stories, but never have actually met the remnants of the cause that I believed in long ago.. If you are still out there my fellow Chernarussians.. I will be in Dolina, my home town, and I would like to help you in your new fight, against the infection, and against the foreigners trying to claim our land as their own.." 

-He lets out a deep sigh, hoping this isn't falling on deaf ears- 

"Please my friends, I hope you are still out there.." 

-He places the radio to the side, and finishes the bottle off, simply waiting for a reply..-

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*a click followed by static is heard*

"There are many who follow the goals of the men you speak of.

Times like these, being lost is the worst thing that can fall upon a man.

Have hope,

but be careful."

*faint slick*


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Flicking through the radio frequencies Drahomir hears the man and listens in. His fist clenches, and his teeth grit together.  He slams his CR75 down on the table he sits at. Without thinking he begins to shout in an angry tone with a Chernarussian accent. 

"You call yourself fucking Chernarussian? You fought for a cause that claimed lives in its name. You're no better than the Russian scum that invade our country.. Ruin our culture!" 

Drahomir rolls up his Balaclava letting the air reach his burns that cover his whole face. 

"The Chedaki.. The Chedaki are no better than the infected. They maimed and killed Chernarussians! Good, innocent Chernarussians. People that wanted nothing to do with the Civil War you started.. You made good people go bad!"

Drahomir starts to scream louder and starts pounding the table with his fist.

"You should be glad we have not seen you Pinko. I would have given you the gift you gave me. I would forced your face into a fire. Watch as you scream for your 'Communism' I would very much enjoy this!"

Drahomir tries to regain a calm and stable attitude.

"You.. You are dead man.. You will not go unpunished for what you did.. The Cerna Liska will make sure of that.."

The radio clicks off and static returns. 

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Guest Phat J


 ::An Unknown Russian Voice comes through your radio::

"Comrade...you say all these threats, but all you do is hide behind your little radio."

 ::The radio goes silent for a minute, before he speaks again::

"You're just like every other Chernarussian...nothing but a сука"

::The transmission ends::

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Drahomir listens to the reply, furious again he replies. 

"I am not coward, if you tell me where you are I would gladly come and beat the hovno out of you, you slimy Rusky cunt!" 

Drahomir spits on the floor and returns to shouting down the radio. 

"You know nothing of who I am so you best watch your tongue Pinko before I cut yours out. I'm not scared of you or your genocidal friends! My name is Drahomir Bosak!" 

Drahomir throws down is radio and screws up his face, almost at the brink of tears. 

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-A clicking can be heard as he pushes the button on the side of the radio, the crackling of the fire sounds through the airwaves- 

"I do not know who you are, but I can assure you, when I fought, I never did any of these things. I believe that the government was corrupt, and immoral, and that is why I fought for the cause. They relied to heavily on the west.."

-He pauses before transmitting again- 

"I am sorry for anything that the Movement of the Red Star may have done to you.. But in these times, I believe we all must unite in some way, instead of clawing at each others throats for past sins. Day by day, more of us succumb to this infection, or are killed by men seeking to take things that do not belong to them. If we want to have a better future for the generations to come, we can not keep on with these petty rivalries from the past."

"I understand that is hard for some to forgive, much less forget about the past.. But we are all humans, a lot of us native to this land. We all bleed crimson, no matter who we are. Be it westerner, or from neighboring lands.. I am only looking for certain friends, not those who pillaged and killed our brothers and sisters.." 

-He takes a deep breath, remembering his brother- 

"I am sorry, who ever you are.. Even though I fought side by side with my Chedaki friends, I too lost someone to the fighting.."

-He would put the radio away and return to his fire, dozing off as the embers burn- 

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Guest Neszy

[Another somewhat Russian-sounding voice fills the airwaves. He lights a cigarette before speaking - it seems almost routine as the flick from the lighter is heard... and then an inhale... and silence.] 


[The man exhales deeply before taking another slow drag.]

"I once knew a man by that name. He died. American's grenade, I think. We were pinned and surrounded up in uh... Krasnostav. Fell back to this... posh little house with a piano. I hid inside a cupboard and Drahomir ran upstairs... a few seconds later and... bang! Flashbang first. I sat in silence, couldn't see or hear a fucking thing."

"For a while I thought I might be dead but... eventually my senses returned. Went upstairs and... Christ. That room.... I'll never forget it. What was left of Drahomir lay slumped in a corner, filled with bulletholes. Other parts of him lay strewn around the room - broken glass and blood fucking everywhere - his leg hung from the blown-out window though his shoe and foot were next to pieces of the wooden desk that once stood there."

[Fyodor pauses.]

"Looked like he was smiling, too."

[A sigh is heard. Twenty seconds pass in total silence.] 

"Every cause claims lives. Only a single thing is certain in life. If you truly believe your 'side' is without fault, you are perhaps more... misguided... than I first thought. Those that died knew why. In those final moments as the bullet struck... or the grenade tore them apart... they knew."

"Drahomir died for freedom. Those who were 'innocent' or 'uninvolved' died from their own inaction, their own failure to choose. They refused to pick a side. They believed they were exempt. They believed they could walk the line without falling."

"None are exempt. You have picked your side, Drahomir. Nikolai has picked his."

"Good, innocence... pah. Bullshit. Don't pretend to be something you're not. We're more alike than you'd care to admit."

[The radio is flicked off.]

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*The radio turns on with a brief pause of silence before you hear a man speaking*

The Chedaki, NAPA and anything alligned with those groups aren't better then the infection.

You people hunt others because their parents moved to Chernarus or such, you don't consider their stories.

You act like primitive people and just kill for fun. Both sides have commited murder and I don't see how 1 can justify it's action with "Their Russian, Their Chernarussian".

I feel like I am watching a soviet era movie where the Russian are stereotyped and all I hear them say is "Suka". Truly impressive guys.

Grow the fuck up, forget your past, accept others and stop your militias acts.

*The radio starts to go silent as you hear a few men speak in Russian and Chernarussian very calmly*

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Guest CUDA

Jaka hears the man over the radio and reluctantly picks up the radio and responds.

This for us has little to do with ethnicity.

This is the blood of friends. The blood of brothers.

A way of life.

A way of life is something these...racist, moronic trash do not want see.

So in turn. We do not want to see them. Ever.

Jaka pauses and sips his tea given to him by Bogdan and glances at his notebook.

You may be from here mistah. You may be from else where.

You know what happened all those years ago.

You remember the terror.

You remember the fear.

The effects of it are still felt to this day.

They shall never fade.

Not until the last memories of that conflict fade.

Jaka again glances at his notebook. This time picking it up and writing a small not inside it.

I fight for a cause.

All who oppose this cause are my enemy.

How I treat my enemy or how my enemy treats me does not mean anything.

At the end of the day.

One side will prevail.

Jaka end his transmission and downs his tea.

He grabs his note book and pen and walks slowly to his bed.

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::Alexander takes a light breath, raising his radio slightly, thumbing the transmit and beginning to speak in a quiet, controlled voice.::

The government, funny you mention that zrádce the argument you have with it. The same argument that pinko sviňák always has, corruption the same reason that your precious communism always fails... But no, that not what I am going to talk about, and yes I said talk because arguing with zrádní červi is simply a waste of effort.

The Red star, red with the blood of how many innocents? Yes that sounds about right, think about all those mass graves. Filled with ethnic Chernarussians killed by your ethnic Russian brood, or had you forgotten that? No, that's not it. I forget, the government soldiers, the Defense force were the ones to kill their own families and community's. Is that not what your kind says?

Oh, and before you say I am hiding behind a radio. I have fought the red star recently, they nearly captured me. Nearly. To bad for them they underestimated the "Cowardly Lieutenant". Just in case you forgot since the last encounter.. I am Lieutenant Alexander Bardov.

You talk about loss, smiling at death. Sprouting propaganda from your ass, I am sure that's where it was coming from.

You are right, every conflict has loss but you took things to genocide. Killing people for being Ethnic Chernarussian. Some side to choose, now when some Chernarussians finally say enough... Suddenly you did nothing wrong.

Before you threaten to take what I love away from me, hurt those I care about I will tell you that you have already done that. Parents, sister, brothers and friends, so before you go and yell. You have already done it.

::Releases the transmit, clipping the radio back in place.::

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*The radio turns on and the talking fades as they listen to the man, a few seconds later after he finished all goes silent inside the room until the same man picks up the radio*

Both Chedaki and NAPA have unexplained killing which will never be explained. Sure it might of been 1 bad member to commit such crimes and I shall not judge an entire group for their impuslive acts but.. This was not 1 person. Many from both sides commited these acts and were never punished.. Leading to so many people.. Just being desd for no good reason. Chedaki had mass graves to answer for but haven't. NAPA had abused Ethnic Russians, commited acts of terrorism against the Ethnic Russians.. Both sides hsve done bad to a dann equal amount but you don't think that's enough..

I have seen a child walk past my camp a few nights ago friend.. He spoke of how the Chedaki forced or attempted to make him go to Russia to fight alongside them.. He was about 11 or so at the time he said. When the child traveled the border at the end of the conflict being part of a relief force to help Chernarussians who had a lack of food.. He car with his dad or so in a rented truck filled with tomatoes.. Only to be harassed the entire way from the north to Chernogosk and then when the food was being given away to the foll who never needed to get invocled in these bloody battles.. Nationalists came just before the sun was down and flipped the remaing boxes of food and harassed him and his dad to leave..

A russian child who was willing to help anyone no matter their race or religion and chose to go into danger with his dad, part of a relief program. Only to leave with an image that all that matter is where you're born.. If not you die.

I can't say I was here during the civil war as I am also a soldier who was deployed to Mali.. Not important but.. I a man who was never here.. Have heard so many tales from the civil war that.. I will never get them out of my head.. Walking I somtimes see graves with bodies laying there for years.. Forgotten and not laid to rest.

Both of the pointless groups are affecting the youth.. Now in a time of peril for our existance.. They will be the ones to lead the groups to survive, adapt to the world and fight the undead.

*Radio goes suddently static as another man can be heard speaking, he sighs and speaks very quietly again*

There's no fucking hope.. You're all stuck in your war..

*Radio goes quiet*

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Radio starts working and you hear someone biting something.

"Let me tell you a story about a boy. Once there lived a boy with his mother. Life was good for them. His mother had a good job. The boy got everything what he needed. But then one day mother decided to go and visit her relatives. Boy who was 14 back then stayed home. Days passed and there were no news about her. Nothing at all. Then after 2 weeks the boy got the call to come and identify something. Once he got there he saw bodies of hundreds, blood and alot of soldiers. One soldier took the boy to the body of a woman. The woman was, yes you guessed it. His mother. The boy cried for days. He didnt go to school. Months passed and the boy started running out of money. He lived alone now. Because of that he started selling drugs to feed himself. After a while he got to trouble with police and was sent away to camp."

Karel pauses and takes another bite from carrot.

"Now you know who the boy was? It was me. And its all because you fucks decided it fucking great idea to do a fucking mass murder. You are not communists. More like something between Nazis and Stalin."

Karel throws radio against the wall and lights a cigarette.

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*The radio turns on a few minutes later*

Pardon me.. I'm just a foreigner here on my own terms. As I said I'm not aligned with either one of you but if you've lived through this shit then you understand that others like the russian child I met a few nights ago is being affected as much as you.. He is 16 and said he is going north to try find him alcoholic dad because his mom.. Died by suicide and he had nothing left but him.. I don't expect him to find anything back in Russia but he's just a kid.. And he's been already harassed by Chernarussian nationalists for what? Being born on the wrong side of the wall? He'a a kid and he doesn't help the military or the chedaki in anyways.. Why should he suffer for something that others do?

*Radio goes silent*

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*Vlad, this time sober, hears the nationalists talking and decides to reply*

Ok, look here. My friends died in that war, I saw the light leave their eyes whilst they drew their last breaths to tell us "Carry on, for us". I remember every single fucking one of them. 

*Vlad speaks with a darker tone now*

This was a war, what did you fucking expect. People were going to die...this was for freedom and you nationalists took it away from people. The people were slaves to your capitalistic ideals and their voices were blocked off by politicians corrupted by greed and the west. That is why you had to be Pussy Bitches and call for the Americans. We had your tails between your legs, and were about to drive you off the cliff if it wasn't for them.

*Vlad pauses and looks around at his comrades who are planning something*

Don't talk to me about the killing of innocents, when you Capitalists were killing them through poverty and the way of life which the fucking pigs you are provided them with.

*Transmission ends*

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-As he begins packing what supplies he has left, he hears the arguing over the air waves, he would pick up his radio, pause, then transmit-

"You say these things as if I myself had committed these acts.. To all of you, I fought for freedom, not for communism, not for some war mongering bastard just looking for a fight, to spill blood. I am looking for my friends, not these.. Monsters that you speak of. Like my brothers have said, there will always be causalities in war, there is no way of avoiding this. But I remember a child clinging to my leg as soldiers occupied my village and brought the fighting there, as they fled from the Chedaki. I remember holding that same child as he bled, because a stray bullet from a CDF soldier had killed him. That soldier did not care, he was firing towards the enemy as he retreated."

-He places the radio down, then picks it up in anger-

"But I also remember meeting my brother in battle, and having to kill him. I tried convincing him, tried talking to him, but he just kept trying to attack me with his blade. Not listening to my words, that I was his blood. But this was just a causality of war. MY FRIENDS, THEY NEVER KILLED INNOCENTS, ALL WE WANTED WAS FREEDOM!" 

"If you are going to find me, and kill me, for actions that I did not do, than I suppose I can not stop you. I am not innocent, I have never claimed that luxury. All I wanted was to find the only family I have left. Perhaps this was a bad idea, as all I can hear is random bickering, and others calling me a genocidal war monger. You would not look at a Middle Easterner and assume he was a terrorist would you? The same applies for me and my Chedaki brothers. We were not all these terrible people you speak of."  

-He releases the button and shoves his radio into his vest pouch-

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