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To inform you all of yet another death [All Frequencies]

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*The radio breaks silence, you hear a man speak briefly"

"I knew this day would come I accept my fate, This shit will never end, To the boys do not follow in my footsteps it is not worth it"

*Minutes later Sonny stands on top of a tall apartment building in Berezino next to Paul Daxton's body*

"Whoever can hear this, I feel as it's my duty to inform you all the death of one Paul Daxton"

"Paul didn't know when to quit, I warned him"

"He has been hunting me down ever since...ever since Mikhail"

*Sonny takes a deep breath*

"One corrupt leader dead, now a second"

"My advice to what's left of The Reapers, take your chance....take the chance to get out of whatever the fuck Mikhail got you guys into"

"If you continue on the path your last two leaders have brought you on this fight will never end"

"You have your chance, take it or leave it"

*Sonny looks around at his new-found brothers and says "This will end soon"*

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*He limps over to his radio, injured but able to speak. He coughs before replying*

"Sadly, I guess more deaths have to come... Hopefully not after this. Good Job... I guess. I feel horrible now, I'm offering forgiveness to the Reapers... you guys can come back, trust me, you can. Maybe Mikhail couldn't have, maybe Paul couldn't have, but you can. Don't follow in their footsteps. Respect them as your brothers but don't respect their decisions. You fought with them, I get it, anger is a controlling piece of shit... you guys can push past it, I know you can. Montanez, you are a soldier, act like one, don't kill innocents... Just, good luck guys... I hope this changes."

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*Tosha would smirk a bit, and frown at the same time. A sort of pained grimace on her face as she jogged through some underbrush. A breath was entered through the broadcasting transmission as she held the button down.*

"Ppphhhsshh... Damn it, Frank. Nobody cares. Go fall off a cliff or something. You're just a kid who wants to be noticed. Who wants power you can't control. We dealt with you once and we'll do it again if you don't stop supporting the plagues of Chernarus."

*She'd pause only to lean against a tree, changing the topic.*

"Anyway... Congratulations, Sonny. You've killed yet another Reaper leader. You're either making yourself someone to fear, or making yourself an even larger target. Time will tell, right? Good luck with your campaign against the snake who's head will always come back. Keep hacking at it, I suppose."

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*firmly, decides to speak*

Leave it.

Brothers, do not respond to this.

*shuts down transmission*

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*He chuckles a bit although it hurts, still remembering his abandonment and betrayal by them* 

"Can't see where you're even coming from here. I'm trying to save friends from a life of despair and hostility and it seems you're against that. I thought you were more on the pacifist side here. Don't get me wrong, I've killed them before and if they continue this path I will continue a campaign to kill them on a more... larger scale. I've realized that killing is more of a last resort, but I'm a survivor like you, Sonny, Mike, Allie, Tim, Aurora and other people, I'm alive for a reason, and so are you. And you think I care if I'm noticed? No, I care if I help people that need helping, for the betterment of a failed world now. I chose to be a marine, half the notice you get is hate and disrespect, and in this country it's even worst. Listen, the day I did that stuff with Blake... it was to protect us and secure our future, not whatever the rumors say. I don't want power, I want to lead. Leading and power are different... power is for your self betterment, that's what Mikhail wanted, leading is for others survival and betterment, that's what I want. I am no Mikhail. So you do what you do, just sit back and relax in your isolated and lucky world. *He coughs before finishing* Luck runs out."


*He tries to convince him*

"You know damn well we need to talk about this. Not as certain enemies, but as neutral parties, old friends even. If not, just... don't respond but please think about your next move."

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*The Good Warden and his Officer Staff are collecting themselves after falling out of their chairs in the War Room laughing too hard at the news. Warden Hollows picks up the microphone after calming himself.*

"How embarrassing."

*He sets the microphone down atop the radio.*

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*A voice cuts through the static*

Well, I'll be fucked, I thought that man was invincible. I only met him a couple of times but...

*Adrian starts to trail off, thinking, before standing up straight and continuing*

It's not my place to know what you did Sonny, but jesus fucking christ, the hatred that was in that man, and his hatred for you...

*Adrian pauses, thinking about the conversation he had with Paul the other day*

You must of ripped his soul in half

*The transmission ends*

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*Mr.Black takes his radio out and starts to speak out of anger*

I know your voice Mr. Mitchell..i will f...find you.

*Mr.Black takes a long drag off his ashwood pipe and exhales*

I know your voice.. M..MR.Mitchell, and i w...will hunt you.

*Mr.Black takes 1911 pistol and looks through the sights*

I know your voice Mr.mitchell, and when i find you..you will die.

*Mr.Black throws his radio at the wall and watches it shatter in pieces*

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*Sonny hears the man threatening him and sighs a little bit*

"I don't even know who you are but I can assume you're with The Reapers"

"You guys continue to hunt me down, Mikhail did for over a month"

"Daxton did for maybe not even two days"

"They're both dead"

*Sonny starts to get annoyed*

"Are you all really that fucking stupid, you have a chance to end the death yet you keep going straight at it"

"Even Mr. Daxton said in his last words for you guys not to follow in his footsteps"

"Joey, Montanez, whoever else is left from the good days...you know better then to keep this going"

"I'll give you guys another chance to end this before we do what we did to the last two"

*Wanting to say a lot more, Sonny decided to stop ranting there*

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Enzo listens to the news of another dead Reaper coming through the radio. He didn't even know if he ever met Paul... It didn't matter

"This is Enzo... Sorry to who ever knew Mr Dax... I'm sure some one will miss him."

Enzo lets afew seconds pass to try and show some respect

"Now, I'ma no be an asshole e say I told you so, but, this shit has to end eventually. If those involved woulda like, especially this Sonny e who ever now heada the Reaper, I'ma sure the Sons of the Fallen would be willing to facilitate a talk between the sides. I'd have to make sure first, bring this to the table e we vote, but enough is enough. More blood, is no good for anyone, e it no good for business."

"If you wanta take up on this offer, say the word. We will vote on it, hashe out the detail, e co-oridinate. Grazie e restare vivo (Thank you and stay alive)"

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*Hears the transmission and sighs. He says to himself 

"Mир, наконец, встретил вас... Я прощаю грехи Павел, я надеюсь, что Бог делает тоже..."

-Translation-   Peace has finally met you... I forgive your sins Dax, I hope God does too...

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