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Looking forward to playing with you guys!

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If you run into me I will be playing as "Albert Oxford," a paranoid, jittery, but otherwise friendly character. Did I mention my character has a drug problem? If my cravings for syringes, morphine, and painkillers aren't satisfied then I will act increasingly erratic and compulsive. I will always prioritize these items and drop more "valuable" items for these. I will be a nice guy, but if I haven't had my fix make no mistake I will beg, and even rob in complete desperation. I will only ever try to rob people for syringes, morphine, and painkillers, if I have those then I will not reason to cause trouble. Hopefully this will lead to some interesting events.

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"Has your life taken a turn? Do troubles beset you? Has fortune left you behind? If so, DayZRP, in all its glory, is inviting you to begin again. Come to a place where wealth, excitement, and

intrigue await around every corner. Stroll along the winding streets of our beautiful world. Make new friends, or rekindle old flames. Let your eyes take in the luxurious expanse of the open valleys under

clear, starlit skies. Gaze straight on into the sunset from our decayed rooftops. So if life's worries have weighed you down,

if you need an escape from your troubles, or you just need an opportunity to begin again, join us... let go, and leave the world behind, and join this world. Our world.. We'll be waiting..."

DayZRP can be quite confusing at first. If you have any questions, make sure its not already in the FAQ.

Or if you are curious about something, use the search engine to find it.

If you need help with anything, our staff is here for you. If need be, you may PM a Staff Member. The orange ones are community helpers, and are your best bet to answer your question.

If you ever find yourself bored when not in-game, then read some lore and stories! They can be quite fascinating.

Once you get used to DayZRP, you can try to find a group to role with.

(but sometimes, groups in-game will recruit you)

Hope to see you out there! Play safe and stay out of trouble!

Another crazed junkie running around Chernarus.

juust kidding!

Have fun out there!

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Hey! Welcome!  Hans can cure your drug problem my friend!

Dive in head first my friend into this beautiful community. And soak it in!

Message me if you need any help!


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Welcome Buddy!

Hope you have a great time here. Don’t forget to check out the lore and learn the rules. Have a look at the FAQ before making a new thread in the questions section. Feel free to PM me or one of the orange peeps with any question at all!

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Hey Albert Oxford, welcome, enjoy your stay.

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Thanks everyone for all the kind words and welcomes! If anyone needs some extra muscle or someone to run with, well I would gladly provide my services. I have only met one other player, and it was a brief interaction. I really want to meet many people and play a very friendly play style as long as I have my fix. I got a large cache of medical supplies to share with anyone who needs them, but the person i met was in good shape, so I didn't get to test my medical knowledge.

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