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Comrade Deg

should we be able to see humanity

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I was wondering if there was a way if we could have a personal stat page? Sometimes I just loose count of how many zombies I have killed and or people. I feel the solution to fix this is by having a person stat page not like before where it just said humanity but in the user page. It will only be seen by you if you want to keep your banditing on the download low or what ever I just want to keep track of my stuff wound t make sense that your character would write things like this anyways.

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Somebody already proposed to have personal stats.(Don't remember where is that discussion)¸

I agree with having stats that only you can see, not public. Also, to avoid people metagaming, maybe they should make the refreshing time longer. This way, people won't be able to see if they killed somebody because they saw their humanity going down.

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I agree, more stats are fun!

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