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Lt. Ledger

Help For Dolina

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*Alastair pulls the radio out of his vest as he's walking down the road to Dolina, multiple sets of boots can be heard at his side*

"This is First Lieutenant Alastair Ledger, United States Army. I've been hearing a lot of horror stores about what's been going on at Dolina lately.  Mass killings, robberies, kidnapping, and threats to slaughter everyone at Dolia.  This broadcast is mainly for the people of Dolina, but it is here for anyone who is listening.  The Embassy and NAO will be sending a garrison to provide security."

*He pauses for a moment, letting his words soak in*

"This security team will be here to ensure the safety of the citizens in Dolina and also thwart any hostile attempts made against the town and it's populace. You don't have fear the Reapers and Chedaki any longer, we're here to help."

*Alastair removes his finger from the talk button*

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Thaddeus shakes his head and lifts his radio to his lips and speaks.

"Wouldn't all non Americans have to fear for their safety with those New American Order ultra patriotic stupidity.  I hear those fucks kill locals and are taking land and homes claiming its now America.  Are you ok with working with those types of people?"

He lowered his radio and waits

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*Clears throat briefly*

I'm pretty sure the Chedaki have been working to keep the peace, at least that's what I've seen when I've been there.

Throwing more men at the problem is like trying to douse a fire with gasoline.

Best thing for you to do is mind own business. The citizens of Dolina are capable of defending themselves.

This is personal opinion only, as are all. Leadership of Alcyone may have own opinion. As matter of fact, maybe you ask before marching in like goddamn heroes, eh?

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Guest Phat J

::An Unknown Russian Voice comes through your radio::

"Vashe glupo utverzhdat', chto."

//you're stupid for saying that.

::The transmission ends::

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*A voice comes over the radio as Sgt. Cortez clicks his transmitter*

"We're going to freedom the fuck out of you whether you like it or not!"

*ends his transmission as he releases the transmitter*

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*Ledger hears multiple voices come alive on the radio, including one of his own Sergeant's.  Distraught by what he was hearing he decides to get back on the radio*

"This is Lieutenant Ledger, I will address all of you in this transmission.   The gentleman with concerns about the NAO I can ensure you that the majority of those rumors are false.  They have never killed civilians and yes, they are a little skeptical of non-Americans, but I can assure you that all they want is to protect the citizens of Dolina.  Now...the part about the NAO wanting to secure a piece of land for Americans, I have no knowledge of that, but I can't debunk that either. The NAO nor the Embassy are here to annex Dolina.  We simply want to protect the citizens here, that's all."

*Alastair pauses for a moment before beginning again*

"To the gentleman saying that the Chedaki have been keeping the peace, I can tell you that that's a load of shit.  Not sure if you've been paying much attention to the radio transmissions of others or just talking to people in Dolina, but Chedaki have killing people here almost daily.  I've had numerous Dr.'s and civilians alike tell me these stories and many have asked for help. I'm sorry that the Alcyone does not agree with what we're doing here, but help has been asked for, so help shall arrive."

*Alastair explained, clearing his throat before continuing. He had understood most of what the Russian had said.  Russian and Farsi being the other two languages Ledger was fluent in*

"As for the Russian voice I distinctly heard, I apologize that you feel that way,"

*With a sigh*

 "Sergeant, please refrain from doing something like that again,"

*He removes his finger from the talk button*

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*Jason laughs and then begins to transmit*

Freedom the fuck out of us eh? Who the fuck even are you little fucks?

*Randle places his radio down waiting for a reply*

*He mutters fucking idiots*

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Tom cleans his rifle after a well fought battle, he glances down at his radio laughing at the "security" remark.

He pulls his radio out of his vest and presses down on the button

"Many have tried their hands at this and lost their hand in the process, you boys don't know what you're up against, when I see you boys, it'll be three-hundred meters away and through a scope, keep lookin' behind yourselves boys"

The voices of many men and a woman walking by him laughing and conversing in the background before...


*Transmission ends*

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John sits back with a smirk on his face.

"Didn't realize there was oil in Dolina" 

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Thaddeus couldn't help but chuckle at the 'oil' comment.  

"Well there is a ton of plastic trash lying around so I guess since plastic is made from oil.  Well its a new texas rush out here in Dolina."

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Guest Dalton Gerdes

*Sits up from his position and talks quietly.*

"Interesting I think I kind of want to see how this one plays out."

*Sits back down clicks off the radio and starts to open a can of peaches.*

*Mumbles to him self.*

"Damn I'm hungry"

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*Drifter picks up his radio after listening to the whole conversation, especially laughing at the "Three hundred Meters" comment*

Hahaha! Three hundred meters? Oh, man, this guy right here is a damn sniper! Hahaha... Three hundred meters... Maybe you should keep lookin' behind you, I might hit you at three hundred with my M1911. I might move out to eight hundred and pull out the Chedaki Chaser just to prove a point. Sorry, Hathcock, I haven't caught your name yet, wanna shoot me that to? Three hundred meters, jeez, you people are killin' me lately...

*Drifter laughs a little and sets down his radio placing his face into his glove*

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Tom looks at his radio with a raised eyebrow, the men around him smirking at the remark

Tom pulls his radio out

"Figure of speech mate, I could be three-hundred or eight-hundred meters away, heck I could be a good kilometer away, ye don't need to know my name mate, ye can have the nickname though, look out for The Legend"

Tom lets go of his PTT button looks on towards Dolina

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*Drifter smirks and picks his radio up*

Haha, sure. Actions speak louder than words, bud. Bolt actions.

*Drifter places the radio back into his vest as he end his transmission*

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He uncovers the bandage at his rib cage. The wound began to close, blood refrained from flowing. He picked up the radio in response to frequency. A thick accent erupted from his lips

" Take it from a fellow american boys.... were not home... this isn't our land to take... the more you try to establish that imperialism bullshit over here, you're going to make a lot of enemies. Let the residents and groups of dolina sort out their own diplomacy and rule.... you're going to open a whole new world of shit that you will not be able to close."

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*Albert hesitates before responding to the chatter*

"H-hello? I am an American citizen, I have been travelling from one dead-end to another, can my safety be guaranteed if I go to Dolina?"

*He release the talk button, hoping he hasn't just made a terrible mistake.*

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*Tosha buts in with a bit of an irritated voice.*

"Okay. If you're daft enough to think that the people of Dolina can defend themselves, you either have no idea what you're talking about or you have too much faith in them. Dolina is the new hive of villainy and killing. That town is the new Maker's Tower. The new Green Mountain of danger because everyone flocks there. Why? Alcyone? They're gone. Why are you going to Dolina when the only thing you find there are bodies and burning clothes? Save yourself the trouble, soldier.

Lieutenant Ledger. Get your ass out of Dolina and go defend something that is actually worth defending. Nobody lives there anymore. They only die."

*With that, she simply turned the radio off.*

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*The Sound of Flipping Pages Can Be Heard as a stern but calm voice can be heard on the radio.*

The Russian Civil War, from 1917 to 1921.

An Lushan Rebellion from 755 to 763.

World War I - 1914 - 1918 & World War II 1939 - 1945.  

These are only to name a few of the largest conflicts within human history.  Humans continue to throw around terms such as good and evil, chaos and order.  Few wish to accept that we are a mix of both.  

If you combine the deaths in the conflicts above, you would have over 1 billion dead people.  1. Billion.  -Does this number mean nothing to you?

Let's say me for example. I am not a Chedaki supporter.  But I am not a CDF supporter.  Nor Do I support Americans, United Nations or any of the sort.  Your ties are long gone, clining on to remnants of the world before.  And all it causes is death.  Why should people fear the reapers & the chedaki, have you ever learned their way of life? What about the Cizinci that come to Chernarus? Have you shown them your culture?

Dolina is a place, that had recieved popularity from the institution of Alcyone.  Alcyone has always and always will be strictly neutral regardless of the costs.  Dolina, is but a town.  We made Dolina into a home in which people can learn and enlighten themselves. We have a security force to evacuate civillians in hostile interruptions.  We are not a military.  Dolina has and never will be a safe zone.  There is nothing safe in this world, only safer.  I work for Alcyone as I believe it is not the path to civilization, to survival to war, but it is the path to the future. No, these are mere ideas  It will be a place where we can each understand each-other and enlighten ourselves.

If anyone has the slightest track of time...what would you say it's been 9 months this has all begun?  We've all lost so much...yet why are we so quick to kill another person? Why not think further then the brief moment...think of the ripples it causes.  Is this our fate as humanity - to wipe each other out as the shambling carcasses wander the Earth? Is this the test of humanity's survival facing nothing like before?

There are..so few people left from what I've seen, it's not everyday you'll see someone on the road.  I just...why rush to violence? How does the acts of violence reduce the amount of conflict in this world?  No one...is truly innocent, we all carry dark pasts, or have had skeletons in our closet. I'm just rambling on at this point..

All I ask is this.  Before you shoot your weapon, before you wish to kill someone for being different.  For having a different way of life, a different culture and different values...who gives you the right to spout out goodness of them and the evil of the others.  

The endless...cycle of conflict will continue until we make an understanding.  Until the day comes when you lower your weapon, as well as your guard, and try to understand the foe you face. His struggles, her feelings... until you make the attempt to understand , the cycle will continue.  

I've seen enough blood of people in my lifetime, I want to create a world with not necessarily without pain, violence or suffrage, but in which we can understand each other.

We can continue threatening eachother, making enemies and killing each other rather uniting and understanding at what it means to be human against the clear enemy.  

Chedaki, Reapers, New American Order, the rest, I do not address this as a message to any one of you in particular but rather to all of you. I adress this as a message to every single human being that lives within South Zagoria, Chernarus or beyond.   I send this as not a plea of pity, or an act of agression or whatever in between .  I am sending this to hope, to be optimistic that our fate as humans is not to cannibalize each-other.  

  Think before you fire your gun, we have so few people left...why not try to understand the other and live in understanding rather then continue the path of war.  We've have too many losses.. why fight ? For Revenge? To Protect against the supposed "enemy" that you haven't attempted to make an understanding towards? Please...Please think of this .  I believe that there is no good or evil...we are all people trying to survive. And if your not willing to give me your trust, I will give you mine.  I will be the first one to understand you, if I can feel as you do and you as I...  

*Static Cuts Out*

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*The sound of a laugh comes over the radio*

To think the fucking brit was right! Each week some armored group rocks up thinking that they are the ones who will finally put things right. That they, the ultimate protectors of the realm, will wipe out evil from these very lands! What a fucking joke.

*You hear another laugh*

So, um, Ledger is it? Maybe you should think about protecting yourself and your mates before you think about fighting for something that's not worth fighting for? There are Viet Cong in these trees, my friend, and they don't take kindly to people such as yourself.

*the voice cuts out*

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*Drifter picks up radio and begins speaking*

Drifter, here. So, that last voice that I heard here down talking us came up in another channel recently. Ol' burnt ear, you still want to talk shit about us? Yeah, be angry with us all you want, but we're trying to help you. Still, you can side with them and have 'em cram another road flare in your ear. 

*Drifter tosses the radio aside*

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*He sighs and responds to her, commenting on her change*

"You've changed. You weren't the person to give up on anything before. I can agree, Dolina is a Lost Cause, but Alycone isn't. Community is the way we survive now, it is, and we have to find the way that we can keep one going. I'll go out on a limb and say, I think we might just have that way. Listen... you can't keep on the move forever, isolated to your little group... We can help, I know you don't want mine but maybe some of my friends, maybe Ledger's. 68.7 is our open frequency, maybe we can talk to you there or patch you through to a more secure one. Just, try it... please.


*He ends his first transmission, and addresses Alyssa*

"I admire how you still want to keep going on this, and I don't want to be the downer but, that... that just doesn't work. I'm happy to help by your requests and I'll see if anyone can be sent in, even if that's myself, but not everyone's gonna do that. Trust me on this, one dickhead will be the one to keep his weapon out and start something, he or she will catch us all off guard. There can be a university, a school, a future, but you'll have to change, even if you don't survive forever with that change you will survive longer. Our place, it will be your place too, I'll make sure of that. I believe in community and sustainability and it WILL take a lot of damn work but it will work. I'll contact you about it, once we've figured everything out. Good luck and I really hope ya'll do stay safe. Frank, out."

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"Dolina has fallen, might as well move to a new town and upgrade the security"

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Guest CUDA

Jaka is writing in his notebook and drinking the last of the tea Bogdan has given him 

when the Eruption of lies and deceit blast over his radio.

He hears the familiar high pitched tone of the Snake Marine Frank Thompson and decides that he should respond. 


You spread nothing but lies.

It is what the Americans have always done.

Make nonsensical ramblings about falsehoods and then you send a bunch of killers to where ever you can protect your Capitalistic interests.

Jaka pauses and glances at what he had wrote not a minuet earlier.

Mr. Thompson.

You have been nothing but a nuisance to anyone who lays eyes upon you.

After we "visited" with each other

We heard nothing but reports of you going to Dolina spreading devilish lies and bleeding all over the place.

You see.

We are in the interest of the people.

That is what Chedaki has always been.

Ever sense I arrived to this country in 2006 and joined the movement.

Despite what brainwashed westerners might claim we will always be a cause that is for the people.

Jaka takes a calm breath and writes a few words down in his notebook.

I think it would be benifial to ALL people in this land, not just Alcyone, to distance yourselves from these villains in the "Marines".

 They are not here for the interest of the people of Chenarus.

No no.

They are here for the interest of "Mother America"

Jaka now a bit more relaxed thinks for a moment about the words the woman over the radio said and starts to speak again. This time, speaking calmer and clearer.

I can only assume that was Alyssa Morgan talking.

I have heard many things about you.

I admire the passion for knowledge. I share the same passion.

You see I would be willing to come to your Campus maybe talk to the staff and let some of your students learn a thing or two.

The problem is, The "Americans" may not share my willingness. They are blood thirst and only want war.

But we shall see.

I look forward to visiting your campus when it is not in disarray for once.

I assume you have our frequency. If you need to get in touch with me personally about any problems. Name is Jaka.

Jaka takes a deep breath.

A few mumbled words in Portugese and Bantu can be heard in the background of the broadcast before it goes completely silent  

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*He sighs and responds to her, commenting on her change*

"You've changed. You weren't the person to give up on anything before. I can agree, Dolina is a Lost Cause, but Alycone isn't. Community is the way we survive now, it is, and we have to find the way that we can keep one going. I'll go out on a limb and say, I think we might just have that way. Listen... you can't keep on the move forever, isolated to your little group... We can help, I know you don't want mine but maybe some of my friends, maybe Ledger's. 68.7 is our open frequency, maybe we can talk to you there or patch you through to a more secure one. Just, try it... please.

*Tosha bursts out laughing over the radio.*

"Listen, Frank. We don't need your help, nor do we want any of your help or any help from your friends. We don't trust you, we don't like you, and we have no interest in interacting with you. You think we need help? You're sorely misinformed, kiddo."

*Let's out a drawn out whistle as she slowly turns the radio's volume down.*

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