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Good day to be alive.

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Plink…, Plink…, Plink….

The dew collecting on the leaves on the tree had pooled into a low spot and gravity had begun to pull it over the edge of the leaves and onto the buckle of his smersh vest.

Liam sat up stretching his arms into the sky as he leaned forward. He looked around him making sure his pack was still secure tight. His gaze went from his pack to the truck on the road.

A chuckle escaped his lips and he shook his head.

He rubbed his head remembering the night before how he had ran over a tree while driving thru Svetlojarsk.

The impact stopped the truck dead in its tracks bouncing him off the windshield frame.

Stumbling out of the truck and getting his bearings he walked into the woods and fell under this ashwood tree exhausted.

He laid back against his pack scanning the field in front of him as the morning sun crawled across it, pushing the morning fog in front of it.

He grabbed his water bottle from his front vest pouch and took a drink. His throat cracked then soothed as the cool water poured over it.

His stomach moaned reminding him he hadn’t eaten since yesterday morning.  In his jacket pocket he has 2 hardboiled eggs he had made the other night.

A quick sniff proved enough to him that the eggs were still within their edible age.

He rolled them one by one on his lap feeling each crack loosen the shell, then carefully peeled each one, and setting it in a rag next to him.

A branch snapped in the trees behind him, sending a chill down his spine and a lump in his throat. He slowly wrapped his eggs up and set them aside.

He eased his bow from its perch on his back, tightening the bow string on the lower limb as he brought it around.

His eyes darted left catching a glimpse of a shadow or leaf movement. His cold blue steel eyes moved right as a flash caught his attention.

Without looking, his hand slid around an arrow bringing it up to the arrow rest and knocking it in almost one motion. 

The smooth sound of that arrow sliding over the rest whispered into Liam’s ear. He anchored the knock against his cheek and held his breath waiting for the bushes to part.


His shoulders ached as he held that position for what seemed like hours but was mere minutes.

He began to ease the string back into the rest position when the bushes opened and a fox came bounding at him, then past him.


It stopped at his eggs wrapped in the rags, sniffed, and then began pawing.


“Hey,” Liam whispered. “Knock that off, I’ll share with you.”


The fox looked at him head cocked and took a step away cautiously as Liam eased towards him and sat back down by the egg wrap.


Liam tore off a piece of the egg white and held it out to the fox.


Slow, cautious steps the fox came closer to Liam, sniffing, lip curling as it strained to catch a scent of the food morsel Liam held.


With a snap the fox took it from his hand and stepped back a meter as if to give them both space.


Liam smiled as his breakfast companion ate each piece he threw towards him.


“Aren’t you a good boy, pretty too,” Liam reached to pet him. The fox moved further away around a tree as Liam advanced.


“No problem buddy, take it easy,” Liam whispered.


Some more egg offerings brought the fox back into comfort range.


“There we go, its ok.” Liam this time was content in just being near another creature that wasn’t trying to kill him.


Together they sat on the edge of that wood line eating eggs, drinking water, and enjoying each other in the morning sun. Liam enjoyed watching the fox lay in the grass, its belly full, and asleep.

Today might just be a good day to be alive.


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Man that's a really nice story. It has just this cozy feeling in it. I liked it .

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