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Sons of the Fallen radio frequency 199.8Hz

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*John heard a story about a place where he could call back to Amsterdam. A place where he could call out to the mother charter.  He decides to grab his radio and talk on the frequency he shares with his brothers*

"Hey there brothers, I'm sorry to tell you guys... but I need to do something. I heard a man talking about a place where I can transmit messages to Amsterdam! I need to go to this place, its for a good purpose. I will choose a VP the day after tomorrow, he will be leading the charter in the meantime. Make sure you show all you got in the next few day's and maybe you will be the VP. I will leave Saturday morning, I think it will take me a week to get there and a week to get back. I will inform you guys personally this day or tomorrow about the trip."

"Ride Free"

*John grabs his map and start looking at the path he drew out*

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Enzo hears the broadcast come in over the radio. He stands up and walks around the open top level of a random construction site he has made into camp for the night near Dolina.

"Signor Presidente, it'sa Enzo. If you need anything, mio fratello, just say when e where. We will hold down the fort till you get back!"

Enzo checks his back pack for extra supplies in case John needs anything for his trip.

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