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Guest naneweer


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Guest naneweer

Will be joining and playing around here soon...

Tried DayZ in the past, didnt play too long, mostly due to the insane playerbase... when I say insane, i mean people who will kill you on sight, then go apeshit crazy mocking you about it etc...heh That, and the glitches with the DayZ mod running in Arma II

Hoping it will be a bit more fun this time around... Cant be any worse then WarZ...great game engine adn graphics and such...good "plans" for what they want that game to be.. but sadly very poor development...

Anyone have suggestions on what I should get and run when I am playing DayZ RP? Saw something about some side mod...

"•JSRS mod is no longer accepted, it uses client side scripts that conflict with our filters. Please use ACEX_SM instead."

What is "ACEX_SM" and why do I need it?

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Welcome to DayZRP !

ACEX_SM is another sound mod, not as good as JSRS but still useable if you wish.

You are not require to use it !

I recommend using the DayZRP Launcher, i'm not using anything else. Well, of course you need to install our mod !

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me !

See you in game soon.

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Guest naneweer

Tried to join the server after everythign is installed, says there is a password?

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