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Just me...

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*Austin turns on his radio to speak*

It's not that fun joining a  group when you cant have alittle fun

here an there. So I believe its more fun with just me.

Only..... me...

*Laughs alittle*

It's fun being alone sometimes...... maybe all the time.

I don't mind being alone at all. Infact I quite enjoy it.

*Austin turns off his radio and stares at the road*

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*Miron is awoken from his slumber by the radio message, listens and then presses in the transmission button*

For fuck sake, that's great and all....

*the radio crackles and a fast blowing gale is heard in the background*

but if you love yourself and love being with yourself so much, keep your own shitty thoughts to your self and stop waking people like me up with them.

*Miron releases the transmission button, removes the battery from his radio and places both the radio and battery at the bottom of his backpack*.

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