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Danish players

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Hello guys.

I need help from someone from Danemark.

I need 2DKK and 5DKK coin from 2015.

Is there any chance i could get your help?

add me on steam: GTSocet

Thanks in advance!

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Yup. I tried to get this coins in Poland, but it seemed impossible.

I need that coins to make a ring to propose to my GF. This will happen this year in Danemark.

That's why i need this particular coin. I'm planing to coat this one in silver but "Danemark" and "2015" will stay visible. ;)

I'm really into making things by myself. That makes them special.

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I tried that way. That's why i'm looking for someone from Danemark who is able to try in the bank or something.

I'm looking specific for coins from 2015.

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Well, I'm not a dane, live close to it, but refuse to set my foot in denmark, should probably ask on another forum, and not on a gaming forum

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Jeg tror det nemmeste ville være og gå ned i din egen bank og spørge om du kan veksle.

EDIT: Woops, dane mode activate.

Like mentioned above your best shot is probably going to a bank to ask change.

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The problem is, i'm from Poland and we dont have DKK in our banks :P

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