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Alone : Louis Milbourne

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[align=left]Any errors are due to me being super tired.


Louis Milbourne

“The loneliest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly.”

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Louis Milbourne, first opened his eyes in the back of a 2005 Chevrolet Impala, as he let out the cry of an angel. As a result of a non-forgiveable crime, he was placed into a local Adoption Agency, only to be adopted six years later by Andrew Milbourne, a true loving father.

Once adopted, Louis had began to take a major interest in nature, and survival. His father took up the chance to bond with him, by teaching him what he knew. His father did not know much, but Louis began to learn the basics of survival, which involved building a fire, finding shelter, and other various skills. Louis began to become more and more interested, as he started to teach himself more advanced aspects of survival. By the time he was the age of twelve, Louis already knew how to make improvised tools, and from there, he self-taught himself to track and hunt animals.

Unfortunately, Louis was very aware of his situation in life, he was the result of a horrible crime, resulting in him becoming anti-social and depressed. He did not have many friends, especially when his family moved to South Zagoria from the United States, to benefit from their Logging Industry in 2012.

They lived in South Zagoria from 2012, to present day.


Louis flashed open his eyes, as a abrupt sound of a horn pierced his ears. He glanced around, as thin smoke pierced his lungs. He looked towards the front of the vehicle, noticing the broken windshield, as he looked towards his father. His father was unconscious, red liquid oozing down the side of his face, with his head planted straight onto the horn of the vehicle.


His father made a small shirt in his seat, before slowly opening his eyes. He stared forward blankly, before looking at Louis.

"Louis.. Ar-e you alright?.."

His father shifted again, sitting upright in his seat, before looking back towards Louis again.

Louis glanced around, as he began to reply to his father.

"I'm alri-"

The passenger windshield was crumbled to pieces, as those pieces flew inwards towards his father, whom shielded himself with his arms.

A unknown man stuck his head through the window, impatiently shouting.


Louis abruptly shifted towards the back passenger door, quickly jumping out of the vehicle. He glanced towards the unknown man, who was clearly dressed as a police officer. The man was impatiently looking towards Louis's father and back down the road towards a small group of individuals making their way towards them. Louis's father climbed out of the passenger window, after clearing it from the glass that still existed to pierce his skin. He wiped his shift off, as he looked down the roads as well.

"What's wrong? Who's coming? What's going on?"

"We don't have time for this! Come on! We need to get out of here!"

"I'm not going anywhere with you until I get a explanation! I was driving down this road and some freak decides it was a good idea to stand in the middle of the road!"

"Now we're being told to run for no reason!"

His father looked over towards the small approaching group, who were getting closer by the second. He looked closer, as he started to notice certain abnormal details about these people. Louis looked at his father, as he heard a unsatisfying growl come from the small group. He looked behind him, already seeing that the police officer was running for his life, the opposite direction.

"L-L-Louis.. Come on, we need to go!"

His father quickly grabbed Louis's hand, as he began to run the same direction as the fleeing police officer.

The unknown group growled in unison as they began to pick up their pace, steadily gaining speed on the three of them. Before they knew it, the three of them were running for their very own lives, and they had no clue what they were running from.

"Oh God! They're getting closer to us! You two go! Go!"

The officer abruptly turned around, as he swiftly moved his hand towards his belt, grabbing the grip of a Makarov IJ70. He raised the weapon, as he quickly looked down the small sights of it, instantly firing off a few rounds.

The rounds flew straight towards the unknown group, piercing right through their bodies, but they kept coming. The officer continued to fire rounds towards the group, as a unknown figure approached him from behind. Louis and his father turned around.


It was too late. The unknown figure grabbed the officer from behind, instantly moving his head towards his neck. The figure opened his jaws, shining its ratchet teeth in the brief sunlight. The cop cried out in pain, as the rest of the unknown group trampled over each other to grasp the officer.

Louis and his father watched in shock for a few moments, before one of the unknown individuals shifting its gaze towards them.

The two of them turned around, bolting from their previous position.

They continued to run until they no longer saw the group in their sight.

"What the hell were those things..?"

Louis looks at his father, flashing through the memories of what just happened.

"I don't know."


mp3 needed

Tough Endings

It's been a few months since everything started turning into chaos. They were forced to survive with nothing except what they found.

They weren't quite sure what day it was, or even what time it was, but they kept going.

They never lost their hope for survival. Louis's father, Andrew, took the situation quite hard. They lost contact with everything outside of Chernarus as they witnessed the chaos of the apocalypse. They chose to avoid everything, people, towns, civilization itself. It was not difficult to survive in the wilderness for either of them, but it was just a matter of time before someone or something found them.

Andrew continued to scrape off the excess hair from his chin, as he put the razor up to his face. He lowered the razor towards the sink, quickly rinsing it off, before he heard a shout from outside.

He dashed over towards the door of the bathroom, swiftly grabbing the stock of his Winchester, as he positioned it into his hands. He slowly crept out of the bathroom, towards the front door of the cabin.

"Dad! Come quick! Help!"

Andrew quickly stumbled out of the front door, pointing his Winchester forward in the air. He stared blankly towards Louis, as he stood there, his left hand gripped around the right antler of a small buck.

Louis began pulling the small buck towards the cabin, before shouting once again.

"Dad! Come on! Help me get this inside!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming."

Andrew gripped both of his hands along the left antler of the buck, as they began working together to pull it into the cabin.

Andrew glanced over towards the buck, before releasing his grip from the left antler.

A gaping black arrow glistened in the side of the buck, right under the heart. Blood slowly flowed out of the neck of the buck from a small gap, obviously from a knife.

"Nice shot.."

Louis darted his eyes towards the buck, staring at it briefly with regret. Andrew set his hand upon his shoulder, looking him straight in the eyes.

"Louis.. we got to survive, right?"

Louis attempted a quick nod, looking around the cabin for a moment.

"Alright, I'll go prepare it.. and uh.. go set the table.. or something. Do whatever, alright?"


Louis shuffled towards the sofa behind him, slowly bending down onto it. He moved his hand over his shoulder, slowly untangling it from his arm, before moving the Recursive Hunting bow in front of him.

He picked slowly at the bow string attached to it, making sure it was still quite strong. He set it aside, as he stood up and began walking over towards the bathroom, where he stared at his reflection in the mirror.

Louis looked quite different than he did a few months earlier, he began to see a small mustache forming upon his face, which he didn't want to see. He reached up towards a nearby cabinet, taking a pair of scissors, before he began to slowly cut any hairs he saw on his face. It wasn't normal, but there wasn't enough hair to shave. He quickly rested his other hand on his face, unknowingly shortly cutting his index finger.

"Ugh.. That hurt.."

He mumbled under his breath.

He continued looking into the mirror, before hearing a small creaking noise, the same noise produced by their cabin door when opened.

He noticed a slight footstep, before he slowly reached down under the sink.

He slowly gripped a small object under the sink, moving it out in front of him, revealing itself to him.

It was easily identifiable as a CR75, Louis's favorite handgun. He slowly crept towards the bathroom door, opening it with increments.

"Hey... hey... You don't got to do this.. alright? Just take whatever.. Food?"

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Keep your hands up! Where's that Winchester I saw you holding yesterday?"

The man stated with his quite perfect Chernarussian accent.

The unknown man was pointing a small handgun towards Andrews head, with his back, facing towards Louis.

Louis raised the CR75 towards the unknown man, hesitating for a moment, as he crept closer.

"Look, I don't know what you're talking about! I don't have a weapon!"

"Don't give me shit, boy! I saw you with it yesterday! I followed your ass back here! WHERE THE FUCK IS IT!?"


Louis was close enough, he quickly rested the tip of the CR75 against the back of the man's head.

"Low-.. Lower.. the gun.."

The man slowly raised his left hand in the air, before lowering his weapon toward the ground.

Andrew slowly put down his hands, quickly grabbing the weapon out of the mans hands.

Andrew spat at the man, looking towards Louis.


He darted his eyes towards the man.

"So, you think you're tough enough to come in my house, huh?, and endanger my son, boy? Well...?"

To be continued, when I am available...

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Guest TheMaineMeta

Was a nice read! :)

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Was a nice read! :)

The read isn't over :P

When I'm more bored, I'll continue.

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Guest TheMaineMeta

Was a nice read! :)

The read isn't over :P

When I'm more bored, I'll continue.

Can't wait! (How to subscribe to threads? Haha)

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Was a nice read! :)

The read isn't over :P

When I'm more bored, I'll continue.

Can't wait! (How to subscribe to threads? Haha)

No clue.

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Continued the story a tad. Working on it still.

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