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The Journal of a Madman

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*There is a leather-bound journal. It seems to be a few years old as it has stains, scratches, and other assorted signs of damage. When you open it, a single folded-up piece of paper falls out from behind the cover. As you open it, you discover that it is the first page of the book and that it had been torn out and folded. It appears to be grimy, torn, and otherwise in terrible shape. It has been rubbed, as the ink of the page has been smeared and distorted. However, you can make out a small paragraph of the text. The text itself appears to be refined and delicate, as if written by someone who seeks perfection.*

"... now I know they'll stop at nothing to hunt me down, the filthy bastards. I have no other choice but to flee this country as expeditiously as I am able. I've done laborious amounts of research. I looked for any place... *Here, the text is too distorted to read.* ... and I happened upon such a place. A small little area known as Chernarus. This land is in civil war at this time, and the United States government would not dare intervene to bring one such as myself back home for a trial. This is my last hope.

-Anders Winston

*You fold up the paper once again, placing it back into its original spot. As you do so, you notice that there is writing on the next page. It is far less sophisticated, and is also barely readable solely because of the poor condition of the handwriting. Yet, you still manage to decipher the page.*

"This is all I have of my former life. I don't remember it at all... maybe that's because of the infection? They keep biting... biting and biting and BITING! But I don't become one of them... no, no I don't. With each bite I become more free, more ALIVE. Just one more bite... one more, then another more, and another after that, but nononono, the monsters can't have any to eat, they can only bite. Then, I need to spread this freedom to others. If they are strong, they will be like me. If they are weak, they will turn. Just one more bite... 

*The rest of the page is filled with different crazed gibberish, either referencing to the bites or to the infected. You can tell that this man; whether it is the same man that wrote the initial letter, or someone who in their crazed mind had found this journal and thought it to be their own; has most definitely lost their marbles. You close the journal, and slide it into your back pocket, as you prepare to head back into the wilds of Chernarus.*

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*After a long day of scavenging, you decide to delve back into the maddened journal. You take it from your pocket, and turn to the second page. This time, the text is the same crazed scribble, but it seems that the author has dove further into his maddened frenzy. All the words and letters are varying sizes, some words taking up a good chunk of the page.*

"The grim reapers found us today. They tricked us good! Sosososo good! It gave me a little laugh! HA HA! HAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA! The one with the tank helmet... what was his name? Traitor... Tra... Traaay... Tradeeer... Yes! YES! Trader! He, he got the best trick of all! A man joined us! He said he was new! New to what I thunked? He asked about the grim reapers, and Trader told him stories about how they were like ants! Little did Mr. Trader know that he was talking to their leader!! IT WAS SO FUNNY! HAHAHAHA! Then, then... what happened... mask... yes! Mask! Their leader-man came to Anders, taking off the skull mask that Anders used to scare away the monsters! But then he gave Anders a better, scarier mask! Yes! YesyesyesYES! The nice man gave Anders a clown mask! He put glue on it. Reallyreally good glue! Then he put it on Ander's face! Now I have a new FACE!!! HAHAHAHAHA! The grim reapers are so NICE! They gave Anders a new FACE! Now I can SCARE the monsters away!! Hahaha... ha... ha..."

*As before, the rest of the page seems to show how deeply insane this man was. It is filled with "Ha's" and scribble drawings of what appears to be skulls. But at the bottom of the page, is a different drawing. A shockingly detailed one of a clown mask. You can only assume that it is the mask that this Anders man is now forced to wear. From what you know of the decorative masks in Chernarus, you can tell that it is a Wolf mask. You shake your head as you close the book, placing it back in its new home.*

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