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The Memories of An Amnesiac

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My name is Hawk, I awoke into this madness with no memory of my past. This story will unfold the secrets of my past as I learn to cope with the future. This is the Amnesiac that has to fight his past and future.


I gasp for air as I awoke shocked. I felt dazed, as with my blurred vision I slowly shifted my head to the left to find a defibrillator, needles, gauze, alcohol, and other medical-based items. My head felt like I've just been through hell and back. I use as much strength in my body to get up as I feel a sharp, excruciating pain jolt in my stomach, forcing me to fall backdown. I take a look down at my abdomen area as I see blood covering a bandage that was wrapped around my stomach. 

"What the hell," I questioned myself as I pulled myself back together. I use the wall next to me as a way to pull myself out of the building. My left arm was keeping as much pressure onto the wound as possible as I limped my way out of the oak-wood building.  The sun's deadly rays burnt my eyes as I walk into this wasteland, I tried to block the sunlight as much as possible. 

I caught a foul stench near me, rotting by the smell. It was extremely painful for me to smell that stench, so I decided to find out what it was. I limped to the back of the oak-wood house as I find a corpse lying on the grass. I jumped up in shock as I feel vomit climbing my throat. 

I clean off my mouth as I get closer to the corpse, as soon as I did, I swear that thing moved. "GAH!" I yelped to the sky as the corpse began to get up. "Stay the fuck away!" I commanded it. The corpse began to get closer to me as I grab an ax next to a shed. "I don't want to kill you," I tried telling it. "If you get any closer I will end you," I exclaimed. 

As the creature moved closer I readied a swing, with all my strength my ax went right through his head. As his head topples to the floor, I move closer for a better look.

I left the creature lying on the ground and decided to take the ax with me for protection. I seemed to have been near a town, I think I should go check it out. As I get closer to the possible town, I read a sign that was hard to depicted, it read, 80x80http://i.imgur.com/l9JPq1l.jpg[/img].

All I could think is, "Where the fuck," and nothing else. I slowly move towards this ghost town in confusion.

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