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The Return of Frank Cooper and Jericho

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   Im not sure why I left Chernarus, left Jericho which I had worked so hard to establish. Truth is I didn't understand why a started Jericho in the first place. So I left it all behind, I went out seeking a new place, one that was better more under control and stable, one where the people didn't prey on each other for simple things like food and weapons or even the shirt off your back. The worse part of it all is the Chernarus is in better shape than any where else, there are people here some bad and some good, out there in the waste there is nothing but loneliness. 

    One night laying under the stars I thought about Jericho, and a overwhelming urge came over me to come back, to do what it is that I preached so much to the people who came there. To help people, to give them a reason not to hurt each other, to grow food and provide safety to any one who needed it. I repeated this quote to many people who came to Jericho and questioned why I was doing what I was doing. "True injustice is when good men do nothing", I won't fail you again Jericho, I wont fail those who need my help. I'm returning to Jericho, the farm, my safe place, my home.  


     To those in need of help, in need of a reason to keep going, come to Jericho. Help grow a community of positive change and growth, come and feel what a hard days work will provide, not only food but a since of purpose. 


     Those who have been to Jericho before know that I only have two rules, Leave your gun on your back, and leave your drama at the door, I do not care what some one did to you outside of Jericho do not bring it in with you. 


     So now I will return, I will be the man i set out to be, the man my Father and Grandfather raised me to be, The man at Jericho.

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