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Losing Control

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*stumbling through a graveyard with blood over him Miko throws his bag against a gravestone causing the talk button on his radio to jam*

*heavily panting in panic Miko drops to all fours sticking his fingers down his throat to throw up his midnight snack*

F-F-UCK! w-why!? 

*punches himself in the gut a few times*

c'mon C'MON!... GOD DAMN IT!!

*his panic turns into hysterical laughter*

Ah c'mon twas a nice was it not? not everyday we snack o-o-on s-ssssomeone

*lets out a blood curdling scream grabbing his face firmly*

SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP! GO AWAY! HAHA good luck with that we are one and we are the same! I-I-I'm NOT. LIKE. YOU

*a husky chuckle is heard*

You haven't seen your reflection lately have you? Open your damn eyes... You'll be... hehe... Dead Meat if we didn't break out...


I-I wont let them... find me... I cant...

*A long pause comes to a halt at the sound of light sobbing*

I-I'm sorry Nick... Haven... Farid... Mum...

*leans his head against the familiar grave*


I-... I wasn't strong like you...

*crying starts getting more intense*

I... d-don't want you to find me... s-see what I've b-become...

*Miko looks down at his bag and just makes out through the tears his radio had me transmitting the whole time*

*picks up the radio and examines the button hastily then starts smacking it into the ground*


*grabs his knife and prods around the edges of the button causing it to come loose and stop transmitting*

*Miko leans back against the gravestone with his blood covered hands over his face fearing if anyone he knew heard the transmission*

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*Dean hears the transmission but gets silently dramatized and fears to reply, He thinks about it for a while but no one replied to the man in need so Dean slowly clicked on his radio and talked slowly and quietly*

"Um... He-Hello? Where are you, I- I can help you?"

*Dean clicks his radio off straight away and starts to wonder what was wrong with the unknown man on the radio and why the fuck did Dean try to contact him!*

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*Bryce Goes White and he feels his blood turn cold at the sound of his dear friend and what he had heard*

"Mi... Miko? Lad are you there? Miko whats wrong, whats going on!"

*Hearing nothing but silence he becomes worried*

"Miko damnit answer! Fuck..  Fuck! Im coming north Miko Im Coming north hold on! I hope you can hear me lad!!"

*He runs out the door of his home and sprints to his V3S Parked behind the building, tearing open the door and slinging his bag to the passenger seat. He grabs the keys from under the chair and turns the car on*

"Im coming wherever you are im coming, ill find you!"

*clicks his radio off to stop transmitting and puts it in the seat next to him, hoping to hear anything from his friend and shed some light upon what he heard and tell him he is okay*

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*Miko hears Bryce panicking*

N-no I-I'm fine Bryce i-i-its just.. I-I'll...

*smacks self in the head*

Fuuuuck... I'll explain next time I see you... I-I-

*sudden small burst of laughter*

N-no... Y-YES I'll b-be f-fine just... don't w-worry

*holds his hands together nervously*

*starts calmly panting*

I just... need... to re-... rest for a bit...

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*He quickly grabs his radio from his pack*

"Just give me a location and a time and ill be there lad, my god giving me scares man. Whatever you need whenever you need it let me know. Good to hear you say your alright.."

*Bryce slumps back in the chair and soon rests his head on the steering wheel, calmly turning off the engine to conserve gasoline. Breathing heavily but slowly easing his breathing , still feeling something is amiss he stays alert and begins to be lost in thought.*

*clicks radio off*

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*half asleep Miko grabs his radio to give a somewhat quick response*

Th-thanks... I-I'll be back in a f-few days... I'll let everyo-one know over the radio w-when I am...

Just... I... Sleeeeeeeep...

*falls asleep rolled up against the grave with the radio in the palm of his hand*

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