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He awoke in a dingy dark room, the smell of must and mold surrounding him faint light peeking through the cracks in the dirty curtains. He looked for Willow and when realizing that she was not by him he sat up a little to quickly and felt pain in both his abdomen and the side of his head. He stood up, his muscles felt tight, as if not used for a long time. 

He looked for his guns and couldn't find them, just a flashlight and a can of food. He assumed Willow had left them in case he woke up. He hobbled slowly to a broken mirror on the way and wiped away a layer of dust on it, examining himself in the shattered reflection. A surgical scar ran down the middle of his stomach and his hair on the side of his head had been shaved away replacing it with a  long incision. He examined the rest of his body looking for new marks, and when satisfied that he was no more worse for the wear he hobbled back to the bed and looked for his clothing. 

He eventually found them, but they were covered in dried blood and full of holes, his shirt had been cut, even his boots were filled with the crusty remnants of the blood that once coursed through his body. Disgusted he searched the drawers of the deserted house he awoke in, and found a shirt and jeans, not his typical style but beggars can't be choosers. He pulled on the clothing and found a pair of tennis shoes that somebody left at the door. 

Slipping the shoes on, he tried to remember what got him here. He couldn't, all he could remember was certain people. Dr Quaid, a woman named Audrey, another named Lilly and his brothers. Frustrated he got up, slowly making his way to the door. He opened it expecting to find people, somebody. Instead the place appeared deserted. He looked around trying to find a weapon, but to his surprise it was quiet, there seemed to be no monsters or people around. 

He picked up a stick to be safe and to support his weak body, and started making his way down the road.       -To be continued.

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