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Danny "Whisper" Del-Rio - The Man Who Once Was

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Danny at a business convention

The Del-Rio family was a happy family that enjoyed life. Danny, the father and husband, was an accountant that did pretty well in providing for his family. Alyssa, the mother and wife, was mainly a stay at home mom but she always helped the girls sell fresh fruits and refreshing drinks in their neighborhood. The girls, Faith and Hope, were both 8 year old twins that had a great imagination and were definitely going to be innovative business owners. This family had everything they needed, and that meant that they weren't ready for true survival.

When first reports of the infection started to pop up in their hometown of Charleston many wanted to flee towards islands and countries like Iceland. Harold Smith, a cruise ship captain and friend of the Del-Rio's, let friends, family, and a few others on board to flee to Iceland and try and get entry, as they heard Iceland was trying to preserve non-infected people. They left on December 20th en route to Iceland. It took about a week to get there and they desperately needed supplies. About a third of the ship's people had already died from dehydration or starvation but they were finally there. They didn't get the news though, Iceland had shut down it's borders about 4 days back, and the ship was forced to turn away. They did get a departing gift though, it was information, information that could save them all. Community. They were given news that America was being tainted with the infection and that Europe was no longer in chaos with the beginning of the end, but was in the stage of the infection's life where they started to learn how to survive. The best part of all this information was the news of Community, and that one had started in Munich, Germany. It was midnight of the 29th when they docked outside of Bremen, Germany, and that's when the real hell started. Only about 25 of the ship's original 150 or so were still alive for the horrible journey to come, but they were alive!

One Week Later

It's been one week out here, none of us are dead... yet. It's about midnight right now, we're all holed up in some government building for the night, it actually had this journal in it. My girls, they're scared, so is Alyssa. I can't protect them, I just, I can't trust myself to. I'm worthless in this situation, but I did find a crossbow with some bolts and a few quivers. I'm training with it a lot, just takes practice, luckily I can retrieve the bolts from the dead ones so it doesn't waste much ammo. We're about 2 and a half weeks out from Munich, this community better be true... it's the only way to keep my family alive.

Two Weeks Later

It's been another two weeks since I've written a bit in this journal and things aren't going so well. There's only 10 of us left, well, 11, we met some English speaking German dude, he's helping lead us to Munich a bit faster. We're currently around some city called Aichach, not too far from Munich now. It makes it seem like a lot of people were around here, everything is scavenged now. There are paintings on the walls, looks like blood that it's painted in, it's ironic actually, all it says is Our Kingdom, Our Home. Probably has something to do with the community, hopefully at least. 

3 Days Later

It's now January 23rd, we're here. We arrived about two hours ago and we have been situated into houses and such. We've been given a hot meal, showers with hot water, beds, and best of all, safety. We each have jobs to do though, even my girls. My wife is helping cook all these meals, says that they are really happy to have here at this time. My girls go around with a town manager and check in on everyone a few times a day. Me, oh I'm on The Scavenging team. I find supplies and animals to bring back to the town, along with promotional writings in red spray paint. The Kingdom ones. This place is going to serve us well I believe, it better, it was a long hell journey here. There are about 40 people here now, including us, sadly, our German friend is leaving, he said he isn't good with a community of people, I hope he stays safe, just like I hope we do.

OOC: I'm really hoping for some solid civilian RP when I bring this guy into town. This is also open to change, especially the first part before the journal entry. I want this to seem as realistic as possible so please do comment on anything that needs changing lore wise. Also, don't worry, the rest of this "series" won't be tiny journal entries like this one. I'll do something on every few weeks or so that Danny is living in The Kingdom. I've looked pretty hard at the dates from Tomerman's Broadcasts so everything should be good, but if not, do say. I hope you enjoyed this piece and the future pieces to come, so thank you very much. And yes, Jack Gyllenhaal.

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February 20th


Danny listening to the radio transmission before speaking

[align=left]"Everybody! Everybody come, come listen, now! A U.S. General is being interviewed over the radio!" 

[align=left]Almost everyone in the area came running into open room, taking seats quietly and listening to The General. They were hopeful at first, hearing of a refugee center at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado that was up running, then they heard the bad news. Two small tactical nukes were set off outside of Houston to destroy some hordes, however, the dead ones are immune to radiation and when other dead ones saw the light and heard the sound of the nukes, they all gathered around that area. More talk of how the rest of the world was in cluttered the radio waves, then it went into static, static for a long, long time. Everyone sat their, devastated, knowing that America would fall to the infection and themselves. 

[align=left]"Hey everyone, listen up! It's going to be fine, country or no country, we have our Kingdom, and we will survive. That's what it's about now right?! Cmon, we'll make this work, keep this place safe, keep our families safe." Danny said to lighten the mood. 

[align=left]They all just sat there, gloomy, until one man stood up, someone who has been in the community from the start. With a thick German accent he said, "Listen to the man, he's been here a little less than a month and he still knows what he's talking about." They all stood up, looking at Danny, wondering what to do next. 

[align=left]"We all have jobs to do, and each of us know ours. I know mine, you know yours. So let's get to work!" Everyone quickly got up, influenced and inspired by Danny, ready to do what they needed to do. Danny gathered his family and the town manager, Kayla, that worked with his daughters. 

[align=left]"Alyssa honey, we need a big meal, to cheer these guys up and to celebrate how long and well we've survived, use up as much as you can, left overs can be stored if need be. Girls, Kayla, if there is anything special you can do for every citizen in the next week or so, do it. I'll take my team and scavenge for party supplies and stuff like that. They all put their hands in on top of one another and cheered before they went their ways. Danny became the leader of his scavenging group two weeks after his arrival as he was a take charge kind of guy. He also got really good with a bow staff and his crossbow over the time of travelling and staying at the community, therefore he was a valuable asset. The next few days went by, and the party they wished for happened. Steak, beans, and even ice cream was being served, one man was playing his guitar and everyone was just talking like they would before. Talking like they would before was their biggest mistake. Screams rang out, people were running from the front gate and the groans of the dead could be heard, coming closer to the center of town from the gates. German military remnants went forward and started spraying down as many dead as they could, but they were over running the front. Danny ran forward with his bow staff, dead ones dropping to his left and right while he smashed the heads of the ones in front of him. A zombie that looked like a motor biker approached Danny, Danny hit it in the stomach over and over again until it was immobile, took of it's helmet, then stabbed it in the head. A familiar scream was heard, Danny quickly put on his helmet and ran towards it. "Alyssa?!" There she was, being surrounded by all sides by the dead ones. Danny ran over as they enclosed on her, jumping into the pile with his bow staff. He fought them for as long as he could until one of them fell atop him and Alyssa, they were surrounded, a goner he thought, one came for his face until the Germans came in firing on the pack surrounding them, saving their lives. "Shit, we need to get this under control, now!" 

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February 21st


Danny staring at the German man on the rooftop

[align=left]They all sat there, the German military were keeping security around the town and at that front gate especially. The sun came up, beautiful as ever, a sign of hope at a time like this. Five people died the night before, luckily Alyssa and Danny were saved before they were devoured by the dead, but only barely. They all were attending that funeral, for the five dead, all civilian except one... The community's President. She was apart of the town's original group, the one that fortified it and started the community, people were losing hope, Danny had to fix that. 

[align=left]"I'm sorry, that goes to everyone. It was my idea to start the party, and that made us loose these five people. We can fix this though, mend the damage, trust me. I will go with the scavenging team to find more materials to fix holes in the walls, maybe some more supports for them to. We'll have to take a vehicle or two, if you allow us to. Don't think this is the end, I will make damn sure that it isn't. I have nothing to say for their death except that I'm sorry, but we can make sure that these mistakes won't happen again." Alyssa was inside with the girls, scared because of how close she was to death, the girls traumatized by seeing a few of the five die. Danny denied being the new town President and instead decided to propose the old Scavenger team's leader, Henry Adams. The walls were creaking, scratches and groans heard on the other side, the build up was a problem that could potentially end The Kingdom. Danny and Henry met in The President's Palace and started to replace the previous's items and store them away.

[align=left]"I'm glad you could accept this, they need a real leader here, especially now. Plus, I did kind of take your place when I joined here."

[align=left]"Well, I'm just trying to help out, ya know. I hope I can do a good job."

[align=left]"At this point, anyone could do a good job, but you can do a great job."

[align=left]"Thanks for the pressure man. Uhmm, listen Danny, I'm sorry about your family, I hope they're doing alright." The mood falls into a more morbid tone with an awkward silence before Danny speaks.

[align=left]"It's fine, it's perfectly fine. I'm just going to do whatever I can to keep them safe, I just hope no one gets in my way."

[align=left]"It's survival now, it might have to happen, sadly." Danny picks up his crossbow and bow staff then heads to the door frame, then looks over his shoulder."

[align=left]"Then this is how we survive."

[align=left]Danny walks out the door and heads down the street to his house to visit his family. When he enters the house he looks to his immediate right on a desk, there is his black helmet, sitting there, almost mocking him. He stares into the visor, the memory of his near death is playing like a home movie, he nearly punched the wall until Alyssa came down the hall and saw him, her face red, obviously from tears.

[align=left]"Hey, I was just coming to say goodbye, we're heading out on a big Scavenging Expedition today... actually our new President is calling it an operation... Operation Savior." She stares at him, her face says it all, she feels betrayed.

[align=left]"I managed to finally get the kids to go to sleep." She starts stomping down the hallway quickly to him, slaps him, then kisses him.

[align=left]"You better come back, ya hear. If we loose you... we loose everything. This town needs you, if it was my decision, you'd be President." Danny sighs at the sound of a knock on the door frame. 

[align=left]"We'll talk about that situation later, but I got to go now, we've got a schedule of sorts I guess, a lot of travelling today. I love you." 

[align=left]"I love you too. Stay safe! Bring everyone back alive honey, please." He starts to walk away, but turns around to pick up the black motorcycle helmet, he hesitates but puts it on. He finally walks out the door and hopes into the front car's passenger. Alyssa is waving as they depart.

[align=left]"Let's go, this operation secures the community for good." He does somewhat of a military gesture to move, the first car starts and the other 2 trucks follow.


Six Hours Later

[align=left]They had been out looting, scavenging, and searching for nearly six hours now. They found around 3 factories, but only one had anything useful to help barricade the community more. They approached a big parking garage and decided to search it for more fuel and car parts, then Danny saw something that he could use and enjoy using, not just for survival purposes. It was a nice black motorcycle, the last time he had driven one was back when he was in college about six years ago, luckily he still knew his shit. There was some extra fuel around in the parking garage and they used that to fuel up the motorcycle, then they departed, Danny leading the convoy with his new motorcycle. They drove for a while and saw a very bright looking factory in the distance, it was oddly bright, like a lamp was on top. They decided to investigate on foot, so they left a car full of people to guard the vehicles and Danny took the rest of the team on foot, each team leader had a short range radio. When Danny's team, Alpha Team, approached the factory one shot was fired at their feet from the roof.

"Ein weiterer Schritt , und es wird zwischen deinen Augen sein!" The translator quickly ran up beside Danny, triggering another shot to their feet. Danny slowly put his weapon on the ground whilst the translator spoke.

"Die meisten von uns sprechen Englisch , nicht wahr?" The man on the roof just stood their and aimed for a while, then slowly started to lower his weapon.

"Why you here!?" His English was still a little off, as most of it was garbled by his thick accent, but it was still understandable.

"We are... We're are big community, a while away, we got attacked by a horde, we've been searching for supplies to secure the walls a bit more."

The man started speaking a German again, his head was turned around, like he was speaking behind him.

"How you carry supplies, eh?" The man started laughing with his head turned around again, multiple laughs were heard from behind him.

"Vehicles, we got cars, and a motorbike, couple of trucks. This community ain't a joke man." He points at the man on the roof. "And we will do anything to protect it." The man starts laughing quite a bit, then catches his breath and talks back. 

"Is so? Defend this, bitch!" Two of alpha team drop as Danny quickly picks up his weapon and takes cover behind a building, so do the rest.

"Bravo team, this is Danny, we've been engaged, estimated seven contacts, two men down! Get those cars ready to move!" Danny bolts for the bodies of his men, slides and grabs one of their pistols then takes cover behind a garbage can.

"Puny Americans!" Multiple laughs are heard and three men burst out of the front of the factory guns blazing. Danny peaks and fire a whole mag, only hitting one of them twice, luckily it drops him. He quickly reloads whilst his teammates take down the remaining two guys on the bottom floor, they all communicate and fall back to the cars, ready to leave. They load up and Danny boards his motorcycle, leading them back home.

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