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Due to the fact that I'm not sure if this topic was already treated, this post might be more of a clarification-request than an actual question (so please feel free to move it if this is the wrong place!).

During a RP-Session yesterday evening I opened the In-Game-existing map and used the "left-mouse-button-double-click" to set markers on the map and give them descriptions. My Char is a geologist, so I pointed out where I took samples or other Points of interest, but also where I've met certain groups and persons. To everyone's surprise the marker I set on my map showed up on the IG-Maps of a other member of our group. Disbelieving we noticed that a marker he set then showed up on my map aswell, suddenly popping-up in real-time.

I would like to know how to handle this? If the IG-Map and it's player-made-markers are global and visible for every player on the server this brings up severe problems. As I said, I made marker with the position of groups, not knowing that this forces informations my Char has on the map of others players, what makes them to OoC-Informations IG. This can cause immense trouble. Just imagine being captured and your enemy discovers a map on you with informations your char does actually not have.

On the other side the IG-Map and the marker-option is very useful and maybe the sharing of markers is limited to a certain perimeter, like the walkie-talkies.

So, my question would be - are there any rules regarding this topic on how to behave with the IG-Map and if no, is it possible to get a statement by the officials before this leads to problems or rule-violations?

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Placing markers on the map is fine and I believe it only shows for those in a certain area (which can be annoying if you want things to stay secret).

What I would recommend is you and your group using izurvive

I don't really know exactly how to use it but I know a few groups who have just to place markers for the whole group there in to see.

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The markers on the map are local, back in the arma days you could chooce who would see your markers, in direct chat everyone within speaking distance will see the markers, group chat everyone in your group, side everyone on your team and global everyone, the issue in dayZ being that you always speak in direct so anyone within speaking distance will always see the markers you place, but if you are outside of direct range and someone takes your map they shouldnt see the markers, its still an function from the arma days they didnt change.

Regarding to rules there are no rules for maps, besides the standard comunity rules ( dont troll etc.) and the fact that they still should be in character messages, and if someone is creating messages on a map you shouldnt be able to know you should either delete them from your map or ignore them becouse you could still take this as metagaming.

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Levi answered this perfectly. There are no rules regarding the use of the map markers. The markings are not global they are local and will only appear on other people's maps if they are within range of direct chat when the markers are placed. Like Levi said if you see someone else's markers on your map you should ignore them or delete them to avoid metagaming.

This is also a nice feature or groups I might add. If you and your friends meet up in game you can mark a rendezvous location on the map. Role play it out that you all just copied it down on your map, that way if you are separated or want to meet up later you can all have a specific location already picked out.

Feel free to continue discussion but seeing as your main questions seem to have been answered above I am going to mark this as solved.

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Thank you very much. I'm glad that the map is not global, because I really like to use the map-markers for immersion-reasons and it would be a shame to cause trouble for other, uninvolved persons. So it's best to be very careful to use informations I got f.e. from the map of a different persons because I never know who made the markers on his/her map. I will remember that.

Solved indeed. Thanks again for the quick help :)

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