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A Unknown source

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*John turns on the radio and starts talking in a calm voice*

Hello there wolves..

How is Nora doing?

Im sure she loves the New scar on her back.

*Starts Lauging*

you didn't kill me Jamie.. 

It was good to see the fear in that little girls face..

she Shouldnt of gave me the finger..

*Lays the radio down and starts to bandage the wound on his leg*

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"I didn't think dead men spoke so much"

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Jamie slings his bag off his shoulders and hears his radio making static, he picks it up and hears the message.

You are a dead man walking. You don't realize who you are fucking with. Nobody... NOBODY touches Nora.. I wouldn't want to kill you, you piece of shit. I want to make you suffer. I want to slowly bury you alive. I want to to make your final moments on this world to be the longest moment of your life. You will beg me to put a bullet in your scrawny little head. Well, i'll tell you something, I WONT. I look forward to seeing you, watch your back.

You hear a man muffling in the background and the radio switches off.

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*Hears jamies radio message and grins*

I will not Let you catch me untill I finished gods mission.. I Cant wait to see you Jamie..

*lays down the radio*

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*jason was sharpening his knife when suddenly he hears the transmission jason drops his knife and rapidly takes his radio out his vest*

*he holds the transmit button*

What now.....why in the name OF FUCK would you want to harm Nora.

i can take alot of shit but this crossed it!

You really don't know who you are fucking with pal.

well i will give you the answer THE WRONG FUCKING BELGIAN!!

We might be paying you a visit someday

IN FACT! i could be watching you right know...

*jason stops the transmisison and starts carving  "torturer" on a 5.45X39mm round.* 

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*Matt listens to his radio with an angry expression on his face, he clicks in the radio button*

That voice. Yep I know that voice your the guy from yesterday, I know your face and I know your voice.

You hurt Nora? That is fucked up, Jamie if you hear this message hit me up on the radio I will help you find this cunt.

*Matt releases his finger from the radio button and lays his head back, loading bullets into his Winchester whistling to himself*

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*John hears the people talking and responds*

you think I Hurt people who didn't do anything?



You will soon find out who will suffer next ..

*lays the radio down again and looks at a dead fat guy who he killed*

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Guest Mak

*Makarov listens carefully to the words of the man*

It's rather...strange, and in a certain way crazy, how certain people, need to use excuses to kill...torture...and do all the bad shit people do today, yes? You see my good friend, it's really...pathetic...pretending to be doing god's will to justify your actions, does it make you feel like a righteous man my brother?

I don't know who you are, but I don't like you, you see, me and Nora had our little...controversies...and I got accused of having done the most terrible things to her... But never have I been proud of the rumours about me...yet you are... My good friend, I will show you the real...meaning of suffering, yes?

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Dan overhear all the words the raido is spitting out, ''scar'', ''fuck fuck fuck'' 

Dan looks up into the sky and says to himself 'listen father, it is already started HA...''

Relax, im sure we will find a way to figure this out, I personally have a few things in mind, hehe. 

Ca..Can i have him Jamie? mabye ? ooh yes let me try a little bit, its been SO LONG since i have given something back to my father and i am sure its not only for him this time.

The radio goes out with the sound of a laughter and to peices of metal scraping each other.

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*Jericho hears his UHF Radio crackle, he hangs the fox by the door and walks over*

*He adjusts his dials to correct the frequency, whilst doing so misses parts of the transmission, confused he thinks aloud*

"Talking to Wolves..? Is this another one of those crazies?"

*Jericho returns to his fox carcass and begins to skin it, as the transmission continues he's convinced it's another crazy. Suddenly others join in on the transmission, shocked Jericho turns up the volume and sits closer to his radio*

*He begins to chuckle as the conversation turns to threats, and with a deep sigh he click off the radio as the crazy proclaims he's for-filling god's will and ponders to himself as the hangs the fox outside his cabin*

"I wonder if any of those guys were these Wolves the crazed believer spoke of. It'd be interesting to find a group of survivors that were at least semi-coherent."

*Jericho chuckled with the thought of coherent survivors as he realized he was talking to the lifeless body of a fox*

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*Mary watches the injured and weak Nora sleeping and takes out her Radio. She wipes away the cold sweat on her forehead and start to transmit*

*you are able to hear a quiet calm voice*

Listen John Miller...

She is not a little girl but a young Woman. 

a wrong one to mess with. 

You put hand on my Love.

*she takes a deep breath and balls a fist*

I dont care about your God but you better start praying.

I'll send my wovles to hunt and get you. 

You will be laying in the dirt, crawling and begging for me to end your Life.

I will find you John Miller and I'm going to rip your throat.

That is a promise.

Everyone listening to this: If you bring me John Miller alive - I will owe you one and be sure I wont forget about it.

By alive I mean a heartbeat ...I don't mind a missing Hand.

Archer out.

*Mary turns off the radio. She walks up to Nora and holds her hand . She looks worried at the bloody bandage on Noras stomach*

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Pixie stared down at the radio. Finally someone one who realised what she felt. 

"I understand mister! Afterall, I just, dealt with a man who didn't say sorry."

She grinned to herself and span the radio in circles watching it until it slowed down, the radio had cut off before she even finished off her sentence. Glancing over the hacked up corpse which was a man whom had pissed off the woman who had the mindset of a child. She had a few steaks and parmaham... The corpses meat. She was then planning on having a tea party with Sophie, Hanz, Clarke and the dead corpse.

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*Wong listen to this in disgust and decides to get involved*

I can't say where i am right now but what was this mans name? John..Miller yes? *HE laughs abit then turns serious*

Wolfe's I'll find this man for you..alive maybe half alive...but he will be your's yes?

I hope Nora is okay my friends...at least as ok can be expected  

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*jason is sleeping in a house  and he suddenly hears mary's transmission aroud 23:56 he picks up his radio and transmits the following*

*yawns*...Don't worry Mary we will get this guy and he will pay

you know  what im not sleeping tonight i'm going to look for this fucker and when i find him....*the message cuts out for about 30 seconds*

Then i will bring him to you if he does not bleed out by then.

*jason stops the transmission and puts the radio back in his pocket he opens the door leading outside and wanders East

looking for the unknown torturer.*

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*Cleans the blood off his hands and wipes his face, then hearing the discussion he picks up his radio*

To Mr. Miller, your unprecedented attack on Miss Wilson was a true act of barbarism, the bullet you fired into her stomach thankfully passed right through but shrapnel found inside her. Thankfully i was able to remove the shrapnel and save Miss Wilson's life. 

*Looks over his shoulder to see Nora lying on the bed groaning in pain*

Can you hear that sir? 

*Richard places the radio down to tend to Nora's wounds*

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*While cleaning out his wounds with clean water, he hears the radio go off, clicking the radio on.*

*Irish Accent* Mmmmm interestin', men harming a innocent girl? am I correct.. I don't like to hear these sorta these.. please explain more.

*Clicks the radio off*

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Guest Mak

I...Will help you Mary, yes? I guess we've had our problems but I don't like this brother here, not at all, even not knowing him personally I.don't.like... His way of thinking...at all...wrong guy... I'll bring it to you, and we'll play with him together yes?

*chuckles and lights a cigarette before ending the transmission*

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*Katia tunes into her radio hoping to hear friendly news.*

*Sadly, she doesn't.*

*Her tone turns enraged as she hears the sick fuck over her radio.* 




*Katia fumbles around with her radio as she picks up her kalashnikova, firing multiple rounds into the air.*








*tranmission ends with Katia screaming in chernarussian.*

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*John stops torturing a man and knocks him out*

Its funny that you all wanna kill me but who is the one who asked for help?..


*The radio cuts out for some seconds*

Mary do you have a nice spot on your back? Or should I better say number 4. You will be Punished for your sins..

I hope you People Enjoy the game.. its not over yet

*Starts laughing and you can hear a man screaming before the radio cuts out*

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Jamie whispers to the man on the floor "Shut the fuck up a second buddy, I have to deal with some business". And flicks his radio on.

Oh boy, Oh boy.. OH BOY. If there is one thing I love.. ITS THREATS. Now. You think you are fucking AMAZING because you managed to get hold of Nora, and carve shit into her back. You aren't. Now, you pretty much have a death sentence for that. *laughs*. If you... think.. that you are going to get hold of my family again.. 

You hear a muffled cry coming very quietly through the radio.

SHUT UP. Now, I am going to decapitate you. I'm going to cut off.. ALL.. of your limbs.. and try my best to keep you alive.. then I'm going to see if you can swim! Wouldn't that be funny huh? And then when you start drowning, I'll tilt you back to get some air. Then I'll tip your head forward again so you start DROWNING again.. I will keep.. endlessly doing this.. TILL YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND who you are messing with. And when I get bored of you, I'll dig a big hole. Chuck you in there, with your face pointing upwards of course, then slowly start filling it up with dirt. 

He laughs and switches off his radio. 

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*Jason smiles as he hears jamie's transmission and reply's the following*

*small laugh*... YEAH! Jamie you tell him.

we will find this fucker eventually and when we do....

we.....we.....*jason stops for a few seconds to think about what he is going to say*

well we have you let you're way with him ofcource but leave somthing for me to will ya.

i'd like to break a finger just like he did to Nora.

IN FACT!....... multiple fingers!

*you hear a zombie in the background and then a lead pipe hitting something*

Yeah that's gotta hurt doesn't it you infected piece of trash!

Oh my radio is still...*the signal cuts out*


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*Mary sits on the edge of a bed Nora is sleeping in and cleans her rifle*

*She takes her radio out and starts to transmit - you are able to hear a calm female voice*

John ... 

So many words. No actions at all.

Are you planing on locking yourself in a house for another 7 months?

You are nothing more then a coward.

*Mary takes a deep breath*

You want a spot on my back as well?

You need to show something more than your mentally retarded bullshit on this frequency.

I was looking out for you but you are hiding like a scared little kid.

The wolves will scent your tracks soon enough.

Dont worry - you will see my back while I am walking away from your bleeding out leftovers.

*Mary ends the transmission and takes her gun. She kisses Nora on the forehead and sneaks outside to not wake her up*

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*John walks away from the building he saw Nora in*

tick tack tick tack..

time is ticking for Nora.. Im not sure she will make it mary.. and ofcours Mary you look great like Always.. with those Eyes of yours.. 

But waiting is the trick mary.. I hit when you wont expect it.. 

haha... I hear the anger  in your voice.. 

Im not afraid of your threats.. because you will not find me..

And you call me a monster.. but you are just as bad as I am if you torture me..

*puts radio away and ticks on the window where he sees Nora, then runs off*

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*Willem hears all this over his headset, he pauses for a second and takes a long drag from his cigarette, the worried look on his face turns to one of pure anger, he stand and throws a chair against the wall. He lifts his headset and speak with an furious voice*.

Listen hear you cunt, you can sit and laugh a out how these people, good people, won't hurt you because it would bring them down to your level but me? I don't have a level to be brought down too. I'm going to kill you, not in the conventional torture then headshot way, I'm going to hang you and everyone you have got left. Wife, kids, parents? They will all be on the end of a rope when I find you. You will hang last so you can see them die before you, I've done horrible things and they plague my nightmare but wiping you and anyone you love off the map will be a fucking pleasure! *shouts* I AM GOING TO FUCKING MURDER YOU!.

*Willem throws his headset and begins tieing nooses out of old ship netting, he starts to sing to himself*

"there gunna hang me in the morning, before this day is done. Hang me in the morning never see the sun"

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Dan hear John Miller's voice again, he pushes the botton on his radio

..... No, no John you are so very wrong right there, you are not sorry at all.... You will be.

Some might not be better than you by doing the actions to you as you did to Nora, but i can tell you that i am not better than you in any way... But honestly i think Mary wants it to be personal, but she can speak for herself when you are laying infront of us cuffed and choking in your blood.

At least i got promised some quality time with you, thats gonna be fun, right ?... You cant see it so im gonna tell you, im having a big smile on my face now.

After around a minute of silence since the last word the radio goes off by the sound of it hitting the ground.

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