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Massacre in Dolina

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*Austin stares into Dolina with his binos waiting to see whats going on.

A moment later he sees 6 men in the middle of the road talking to one another.*

My name is Austin Mathews. Im looking over Dolina because I heard gun shots.

These men in the road look like they have masks on. Im not sure what group they're in but somethings up.

*Gun shots go off in the background*

Two of the men are dead.....now one of them are on the ground with their hands on their head....

Im not sure what going on.... please contact me if you know what the hells happening...

*The Radio goes silent*

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*Devon hears this transmission and decides to reply, and holds down the talk button*

"Listen pal, you sound like an okay guy, and if you want to take my advice get out of that town. From what I've heard the past weeks in that town more people have died there than I think we will ever see from this damned infection, that town seems to be cursed or the sort and drives the inhabitants to killing each other, or people just decided to bring there personal wars to that town... My advice. GET OUT! unless you want to

die like those men you just saw..."

*Devon the lets go of the talk button then pull out a lighter and a cigarette and begins to smoke by inhaling a lung full of smoke, then exhales filling the air around him with a cloud.*

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*Rolek is crouching next to two bodies, looking through them for any supplies when he hears the end of the transmission on his radio. He nervously stands up and looks around the nearby hills covered with dense forests. He picks up his radio and speaks slowly and quietly with a heavy Chernarussian accent*

- Nothing to see here friend, move along if you want to live.

*he puts the radio back into the military vest, looks over at his comrade standing a few meters away and nods at him. Together they climb a nearby hill and disappear into the forest.*

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*Devon exhales a cloud of smoke then hears the transmission then holds down the talk button*

"Do what the man says if you want to live.."

*Devon then lets go of the button then continues to smoke his now small cigarette.*

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*Austin turns on the radio*

Good thing im gone. But ive seen whats needed to be seen.

And there was alot to see....

*Austin turns off his radio and keeps walking*

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*Devon drops his cigarette bud into a can of nota cola, he hears the transmission then holds down the talk button to reply*

"Yeah, I bet there was a lot to see to... Stay safe out there Austin, and make a mental note. Watch out for people wearing masks, since those are the blokes that got shot, there must have been a reason for shooting them..."

*Devon then lets go of the talk button and takes a swig of his nota cola only get a mouth full of ash that he quickly spits out then washes his face and mouth out with water afterwards letting out a sigh.*

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* Jethro and his bros had just rolled into Dolina to check out what looked to be a campfire with high hopes for roasted s'mores and fresh brews.. What they found was a couple of American's verbally fornicating with a group of commies... After a long discussion about Sasquatch and not understanding American mumbo jumbo and words like "Broski" the boys decide its time to head out, right as a truck approaches town... About halfway out of town, a group of men approach from town and interrupt the bros in their quest for open road and freedom... Some guy named Rolex (yes, like the watch) and some other fruitypies keep asking them questions about who they are, where they are going, or if they are part of some "organization" ... BJ and CA can't even spell that word, let alone claim to be organized... During Jethro's attempt at explaining exactly what the bros are all about, CA catches a guy hiding in brush behind the building.. We investigate and catch a sneaky snake in the grass trying to get the jump on us... or in the very least, trying to be sneaky.. and really bad at it...

Upon our discovery of the snake, a man shouts for everyone to drop their weapons... nothing more... Jethro bolts for the trees and hears gunfire shortly after.. In the midst of the chaos, contact is lost between the bros... friend or foe is blurred, and Jethro has no idea who is who and holds back the urge to fill the random stragglers that pass his tree with buckshot...*

"1....2......3 shells in this thing..." Jethro remembered in his head....

*He saw one guy, alone, running in the woods... who the hell is that? Is that the punk ass that told them to drop their shite? Hell if he knew...*

"Calm yourself, Jethro....steady now...." He kept telling himself....

*After about a good fifteen minutes, he heard the footsteps of a man.... then two... then three... then four?... five... more!?... He could feel the heat radiating off the body of a man that stood dangerously close to his tree... He could feel as if they were staring right into his back... As if a barrel was aiming right at him as he closed his eyes and held his breath....*

"Lord Hayzeus Kristo, I know i've been a punk all my life and I know I wasn't nice to old lady Meldrid when I was a boy... I know you know that I shot that stray cat with my brand new bb gun... I FELT BAD for it... I DID.... I will be nice to the next person I meet if you just don't let me die to these commies... not like this..."

*He could feel death creeping up to grab him by the shoulder as sticks snapped... bushes rustled... breathing... voices....*

*Then silence.... they all ran off without a word and he again, stood silent...waiting... waiting... RUN*

*Jethro bolted from the tree, ass puckered so tight that a fart would come out his mouth... He ran.. and ran.. and ran...*

*Jethro and CA managed to get out of that god forsaken place... and they had no idea who the hell was responsible.. but the named "Rolex" was burnt into his mind that day... they left the radio on, waiting for a possible call from BJ... but all they overheard was the transmissions coming from the other survivors....*

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*Tucker hears Austin's radio broadcast*

"I'm sorry to say Austin, but you probably should have waited till you escaped Dolina before making a radio transmission calling out whoever did it, considering you didn't even give enough details to specify what the perpetrators even looked like. You alone have that knowledge, and now they have your name. It might be wise to hide for awhile until this all blows over. Good luck Austin."

*Tucker lights a cigarette, takes a drag, and ends his broadcast.*

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