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Hello, I'm Borr. This is the first DayZRP related story I decided to write, I will be updating it every while with a new chapter. Be sure to tell me what you think. Without further ado, I present..


"Ever since I was born, I was a good catholic boy. I prayed whenever I had the chance to, always listened to and respected my elders, and never questioned my beliefs. I knew that god was always watching and always protecting me from evil and that all he wanted in return was my faith. That all changed when the outbreak started. The things I've seen could not have possibly been done by god. Some people say that this infection was sent to our earth as punishment, but how could our punishment mean extinction? How could creatures so vile and horrible be the ultimate consequences for the people who have sinned? God did not create this epidemic, and he definitely did not send these monsters to our world, because god is dead."


A man is loudly rummaging through the bottom drawers of a scratched up mahogany closet, tossing any junk he finds to the side as a figure walks through the door, approaches the man, looking around the dark room, then stops to speak:

"Did you find anything?"

"Nope, just some batteries and a baseball cap."

The man stands up, leaving the drawer open and gazes at his companion. Staring back at him is a young blonde girl looking just about over 20 years old, wearing a blue hoodie and dark jeans. The girl ties her hair into a ponytail, then playfully snatches the red hat from the man, placing it on her head and pulling her ponytail through the hole in the back of the cap. The man laughs.


"You look good in red, Stevie."

"You don't, so I claim this hat."

"It's all your's. Come on, we gotta get going before it gets dark."

"Cade, can't we just stay in this house for the night. Haven't slept in a proper bed in a while."

"It's too risky, people could come in here looking for food like us, but with worse intentions."

"I'm sure it will be fine, just one night."

Stevie, eyes opened wide, looks at her boyfriend, pouting.

"Fine, but as soon as the sun rises, we leave."

Stevie smiles largely, then leans in to give Cade a kiss on the cheek. She takes off her backpack, throwing it on the bed. Cade walks out the room, to the front door, making sure it's locked, then walks back to the room Stevie is in. He takes off his backpack, placing it on a table, then unzipping it to pull out a bag of plastic spoons, two cans of baked beans and a can of peaches, showing them to his girlfriend.

"Alright, we got dinner and when we're done, dessert."

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Stevie chuckles.

"A five star meal ain't it?"

"Still looks better than that time we ate in that steakhouse."

"Oh yeah, Geronimo Steakhouse, god that was terrible. I was sick for days."

Cade blindly searches through the front pocket of his backpack, pulling out a stainless steel can opener. Walking towards the bed, Cade tosses a can of beans towards Stevie. As she catches it, Cade takes a seat beside her, opening the can of baked beans in his hands, then switches cans with Stevie, giving her the opened can and taking the sealed one. He opens the second can, while Stevie scoops up a spoonful of beans and begins to eat. 

"This is actually pretty good."

"Yeah, that's what happens when you don't have anything else to eat."

The duo both eat through their cans rushingly, since they haven't eaten anything in a long period of time. A few minutes later, both finished with their food, they toss the cans on the floor. Stevie lets out a quiet belch as Cade chuckles. Pulling out the can of peaches, Cade looks at Stevie.

"Ready for some dessert?"

As Cade places the tip of the can opener on the top of the can, a loud knock is heard on the front door of the house. They both notice it and snap their focus to the door. 

"Get under the bed, now."

Without hesitation, Stevie crawls under the bed, frightened. Cade silently walks to his bag, pulling out a loaded Magnum, then cautiously walks towards the front door, gun pointed in front of him. A second knock is heard while Stevie anxiously watches her boyfriend from under the bed. Cade lowers his Magnum, then places his right ear on the door, trying to listen to who might be outside. As soon as Cade's face is pressed onto the door, it slams open as he is knocked away and the Magnum flies from his hands, landing on the carpet. On the floor, unarmed, Cade watches a masked figure walk into the house, holding a Makarov in his left hand. Stevie places her hands on her mouth, trying to stop herself from screaming. The figure points his weapon at Cade, then fires four rounds at his torso. Stevie struggles to cry silently, as she watches this man murder her lover through her blurry eyes. Cade lays on the floor, four fatal wounds spurting blood all over his body, quickly staining the carpet with a puddle of crimson. Coughing and struggling to breathe, Cade slowly begins to fade away, becoming more and more silent, until the whole world was mute.


"I see a world of fire, burned by the evil that has once been sealed tight. Humanity is crumbling as humans are beginning to adapt to this new world of ours. The wastelands are crawling with monsters, both alive and undead, robbing people of their lives. Bodies were no longer buried, instead, they would turn, and join the army of monsters, making sure the human race would some day be extinct. The devil was in control, everything was going his way, with only so little hope for the people trying to survive their new lifestyle."


[align=left]A loud gasp for air, followed by heavy breathing, slowly calming down as a man slowly lifts himself up off the ground. The man limps towards a bathroom, leans on the sink, then looks at a dirty mirror with a green wooden frame. He wipes the grime and dirt off the mirror and stares at himself. Cade Benedikt, mouth and eyes wide open in disbelief. Looking at his chest, Cade pulls his shirt up to notice that he has no gunshot wounds, after being shot four times. Cade walks out of the bathroom, looking at the place of his death. No bloodstain on the carpet and no Magnum on the floor. Looking over to the front door, it is sealed shut. 


[align=left]No response. Cade walks over to the room where he and his girlfriend were, noticing that the bed is untouched and his bag is leaning by the side of the wall. Cade lowers down to his backpack, zipping it open and reaching his hand inside. Pulling out his Magnum, Cade stares at it in confusion. Lowering his head and looking under the bed, nothing. He stands up, looking outside the door.


[align=left]"Stevie! Where are you?"

[align=left]Cade picks up his backpack, flipping it over to empty everything inside. The two cans of beans and a can of peaches drop down to the floor, along with a box of .357 ammunition, a canteen, a pocket knife, and a lunchbox full of medical supplies. Cade grabs a can of beans, looking at it, shocked that it is still unopened along with the other two. He takes the canteen, twisting the lid open and downs the bottle. Putting the supplies back in the bag, he slings it over his shoulder, and turns towards the door. He notices something in the side of his eye, a red blur. Turning back, he looks at a red baseball cap, laying on top of a bedside table. He walks towards the cap, slowly reaching his hand towards it and grabbing it. Looking at the cap, he clenches it tight in his hand as he yells:


[align=left]Cade puts the cap in his bag, then heads towards the front door. Opening the door, Cade feels a light breeze kiss his skin and looks up to see that the sun is out and the sky is clear. He limps towards the gate of the house, opening it and walking out, looking into the forest. 

[align=left]"Stevie! Are you there?"

[align=left]His yell echoes through the trees but is slowly muffled by the rustling of the leaves. Cade starts to head through the forest, walking through the trees. About half-an-hour passes when Cade decides to stop at a water pump, to refill his canteen. Stopping at the pump, Cade crouches down and pulls his canteen out of his backpack, twisting the lid open and placing it by the nozzle of the water pump. He begins to crank the pump as the water oozes into his canteen faster and dropping more water each pump. Cade stops pumping as the canteen begins to overfill, then he grabs the lid from the floor, tightening it on the canteen. A gun clicking sound is heard behind him.

[align=left]"Don't you move. Show me your hands."

[align=left]Cade raises his hands slowly, placing them behind his head.

[align=left]"Turn around, slowly."

[align=left]Cade listens to the man holding him at gunpoint and turns around cautiously. Looking up at the man, he has dark straight hair with a stubble and wears a green jacket with dark blue jeans. He looks calm and collected, as though this is a usual thing for him.

[align=left]"Got any weapons, or anything I should be worried about?"

[align=left]"Only a Magnum in my backpack."

[align=left]"Anything else? Don't you lie to me."

[align=left]Cade shakes his head, the man still pointing his CZ-75 pistol at him.

[align=left]"Show me, toss me the bag."

[align=left]Cade lowers one hand, reaching for his backpack, then throws it in front of the man. The man, gun still pointed at Cade, lowers down and unzips the bag with one hand, peeking in to find only the Magnum, as Cade said. He grabs the Magnum and pushes the release button, the ammo cylinder pops out and spins. 

[align=left]"There's three rounds missing, what'd you use 'em for?"

[align=left]"A dead one."

[align=left]The man chuckles.

[align=left]"You need three rounds to kill a lamebrain?"

[align=left]Cade nods. The man smirks, then returns to a straight face.

[align=left]"You alone?"

[align=left]Cade nods again.

[align=left]"You can talk. I won't hurt'ya, just trying to be safe."

[align=left]The man holsters his weapon, closing the cylinder of the Magnum, and sliding it back in the bag, zipping it up and tossing it towards Cade. Cade lowers his arms, picking up his canteen and placing it back in the bag.

[align=left]"Are you alone?"

[align=left]The man doesn't talk for a while, then sighs. 

[align=left]"I got a camp a little east of here. I'm going back there, probably gonna make it there by sundown."

[align=left]"A camp?"

[align=left]"A stable fence, couple guards. You don't look like much of a threat to me, If you want to, you can tag along. But don't try anything stupid."

[align=left]The man walks off, heading east, not paying attention to what Cade is doing. Cade watches the man as he walks through the woods. Slinging his bag over his right shoulder, he jogs towards the man to catch up to him.

[align=left]"Who are you?"

[align=left]"Name's Tom."


[align=left]"Fuck's a Cade?"

[align=left]"That's my name, Cade."

[align=left]"Well alright Cade, now shut up and start walking."

[align=left]Tom walks towards the east as Cade follows. They walk through many tree lines and fields, not taking any breaks in order for them to reach the camp before the sun sets. About two hours pass, and the duo begin to approach the campsite.

[align=left]"Here we are."

[align=left]Cade looks at the campsite, he notices a medium sized fence covering the whole area. In the center of the campsite is a big red barn and about a dozen tents surrounding the barn. There are men and women sitting by the campfire, setting it up, and workers washing clothes and counting supplies, also a group of children running around the tents. Tom pulls out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, sliding out a cigarette and placing it into his mouth. Tom then proceeds to speak with the unlit cigarette in his mouth, pointing at a man standing by the red barn.

[align=left]"You're lookin' for Petyr. He's the local with an accent. You'll find him over there, by the barn."

[align=left]Cade walks towards the barn, noticing Petyr talking to a woman.

[align=left]"Okay, talk to one of the runners, they will get you the supplies you need."

[align=left]"Thank you, Petyr."

[align=left]The woman walks away, as Petyr nods at her, then looks at Cade.

[align=left]"Hey, Tom told me to speak to you."

[align=left]"So you're new? Well, we need as much help as we can get."

[align=left]Cade nods.

[align=left]"It is strange for Tom to bring someone in just like that, he must have seen something in you. Come, follow me."

[align=left]Petyr heads into the barn as Cade follows him in. As Cade enters, he notices that the barn has two levels, and a campfire in the middle, with chairs surrounding it.

[align=left]"So, what can you do?"

[align=left]Cade stays quiet for a while, looking at the ground.

[align=left]"Well, I used to run track and I have pretty good stamina."

[align=left]"Track? Okay, I will talk to Han, he's the supervisor of the runners. They leave the camp to get supplies and food."


[align=left]Cade watches as Petyr nods in silence.

[align=left]"So, is that it?"

[align=left]"Yes, find a tent, rest for today, Han will speak to you first thing tomorrow."

[align=left]Cade starts walking out the door, but is stopped by Petyr.

[align=left]"One more thing."

[align=left]Petyr aggressively grabs Cade by his neck, and stares into his eyes. Cade begins to breathe heavily, not understanding what is happening.

[align=left]"If you in any way try to harm anyone here, I swear to my life, I will kill you slowly and miserably, with no hope of survival. Are we clear?"

[align=left]Cade quickly nods twice, then Petyr releases him, pats him on the shoulder and smiles. Cade walks out the barn, heads towards Tom. 

[align=left]"Petyr sure is trying to keep his people safe."

[align=left]"Did he do the whole, 'I will kill you if you hurt anyone' thing?"


[align=left]"He did that to everyone, even the kids."

[align=left]Cade notices that Tom still has an unlit cigarette in his mouth.

[align=left]"Why didn't you light your cigarette up yet?"

[align=left]"Cigarettes like these are hard to come by these days, just enjoying the taste while I can."

[align=left]Tom lights his cigarette and takes the first puff, looking very satisfied and appreciative.

[align=left]"Why did you do it?"

[align=left]"Do what?"

[align=left]"Trust me. Allow me to come here."

[align=left]Tom takes another puff from his cigarette, exhaling the smoke then begins to talk:

[align=left]"You said the truth, everything I asked, you answered truthfully."

[align=left]"How do you know that?"

[align=left]"Trust me, I know."

[align=left]"But how did you know I wasn't going to pull out my Magnum and shoot you or something?"

[align=left]Taking another puff from his cigarette, Tom waits a couple of seconds after exhaling the smoke.

[align=left]"I didn't."

[align=left]Cade slightly smiles at the man, realizing that Tom took a risk trusting him. Tom takes a puff from his cigarette and looks at Cade.

[align=left]"You did lie about one thing though."


[align=left]"Being alone, you were with someone weren't ya?"

[align=left]Cade stays silent.

[align=left]"Whoever he or she was, it doesn't matter anymore, you're with us now. It's safe here."

[align=left]Tom walks away, smoking his cigarette. Cade stands still, staring at the grass, with one thing on his mind, the thought of his girlfriend's blonde hair, her green eyes and her soft skin. He was determined to find her, to find Stevie.


"Muffled by all the noises of agony and pain, stand the innocent noises of children playing, people joking and laughing, and humanity surviving. Out there, there were still people with at least a little bit of humanity left in them, clenching onto that humanity as if its their only purpose in this world. Determined to survive and return to how the world was, the survivors stand, the real survivors."


[align=left]"Wake up!"

[align=left]Han, leader of the runners would be standing by Cade's tent, holding the zipper door open, trying to get him to wake up. Han wears a white hoodie and black pants. His dark hair pokes out from the front of his beanie. Cade opens his eyes slowly, while his head still lays on his backpack which he used as a pillow. He lifts himself up, then rubs his eyes.

[align=left]"What time is it?"

[align=left]"It's early, now wake up."

[align=left]Cade, still wearing his pants, puts on a grey t-shirt followed by a green jacket, then he slides his belt on and buckles it. Han leaves the tent and heads to a group of people standing beside the barn.

[align=left]"Cade, come here will ya'?"

Han rubs his chin as Cade exits the tent with a backpack over his right shoulder and jogs towards him.

"I haven't introduced myself to you yet, I'm Han, I organize the runners and I'm in charge of anything related to supplies. Anyone wants anything, they contact me."

"Alright, I'm Cade, Petyr told me to stick with you."

"Yeah, he told me you'd be a good fit with the runners. So I'll test you out, if you do good, you'll stay as a runner, work with us. If you fuck up, then I'm sure you can do a swell job washing clothes by the river."

[align=left]Han points towards a group of people walking towards a river with baskets of dirty clothes in them. Cade looks at the group, then chuckles.

[align=left]"That's not going to happen."

[align=left]"We'll see. Here, eat."

[align=left]Han tosses an apple to Cade, Cade barely catches it. Han then walks back beside the barn, pulls a map from his backpack and places it on a plastic table in front of him, spreading it open. Cade takes a big bite out of the apple.

[align=left]"Alright, this run's gonna be pretty simple, we just head down to the industrial zone and get some supplies. We're looking for anything we can use to fix those cars over there."

[align=left]Han points towards a red sedan and a grey van both parked by a nearby treeline.

[align=left]"The van needs a new battery and the sedan has an engine that could use some fixing, so if you find any tools we can use to repair it, grab 'em."

[align=left]Han circles a location on a map.

[align=left]"Right here would probably be the best place to find a battery, it's a lot with a bunch of cars parked in it. Check EVERY car! We need that battery."

[align=left]The group begins to grab their backpacks and placing their canteens and equipment inside.

[align=left]"We're goin' in groups, Vlad and Gordon are together, James, you're with Stella, Cade, you're with me. Oh, everyone, this is Cade, he's new around here."

[align=left]A man walks towards Cade after finishing a can of peaches and tossing the empty can by the table.

[align=left]"Gordon, nice to meet you."

[align=left]Gordon extends his arm to give Cade a handshake. Cade shakes his hand and smiles at him, then they both walk towards the entrance of the campsite. Gordon has blonde hair and wears glasses over his eyes, he has a blue sweater and black pants on.


"I'm Cade, nice to meet you too. So uh.. How long you been here?"

[align=left]"From the start, more or less. I've always been with Han."

[align=left]"What can you tell me about him?"

[align=left]"Han? He's one of the only people I trust, honestly. He may be a bit bossy and angry sometimes, but his heart is always in the right place."

Cade nods slowly as Gordon walks towards the rest, standing by the outside of the camp, Cade follows. The group of runners all walk together through the forest, a couple of hours pass as they continue walking towards the outskirts of the industrial town.

"A way you can tell that you're getting close to a town is when you see more infected. As you can see, we're getting close."

Cade notices the infected ahead of them and notices that they are increasing in numbers. The group continues to walk down a dirt pathway that leads into an entrance to the industrial area. 

"Alright, we'll stop here. Get in your groups."

Han unzips his backpack, pulling out his map, unfolding it. He spreads the map out and points at different locations.

"Gordon's group, head to this location right here, by the factory building. Stella and James, check out the railway station, I'm sure you can find some tools there. Cade and I will check out the western parking lot. Anything bad happens, use your walkies. We'll meet by the treeline behind this building in say.. thirty minutes. Sounds good?"

"Fuck, my walkie-talkie's batteries are dead."

"Stella, how could you forget to check your batteries? I specifically asked everyone to do so."

"I know, I must've left it on or something."

"Left it on my ass, walkies like these last for days, weeks even."

James walks towards the arguing duo. He looks tall, about 6'7'' and wears an unbuttoned beige shirt over a grey t=shirt and dark pants.

"Han, chill out. Mine works, we'll stick together. Don't worry about it."

Han inhales then exhales, all while closing his eyes. He opens them, then looks towards his group.

"Alright, let's head out. Stay safe everyone."

The groups jog toward their assigned locations, searching every corner and every scrap, trying to find the supplies necessary to fix the vehicles. Cade and Han, having the farthest place assigned to them, jog a little faster than the others. Walking behind a destroyed building, the duo turn by the corner and spot three infected walking aimlessly by the parking lot area assigned to them by Han himself.

"We're gonna have to kill those dead ones. Silently."

Cade slings his backpack to his front, unzipping it and pulling out a pocket knife. Han pulls a combat knife from it's holster by his belt.

"That's a cute knife. Ever killed one with it?"

"I peel oranges with this thing, that's as badass as it gets."

"Infected are rotted to hell, you can probably kill one with the orange itself."

Cade tries to stifle a laugh, then looks out to the three wandering infected.

"Alright, I'll go for that one by the truck. You go for the one closer to us."

Cade nods, then slowly walks towards the infected one with the knife clenched in his hand. Cade walks past a bush, then crouches behind a car, Han follows and crouches beside him. Han whispers..


"Yeah, let's do it."

As soon as Cade and Han start moving, gunshots are heard from a distance, then loud voices and noises are heard from Han's walkie-talkie.

"We're b-*gunshots* shot. Does anyone copy!?"

The infected in the lot all slowly turn towards the gunshot noises and start walking in that direction. Han unhooks his walkie-talkie from his belt and holds it to his mouth.

"Vlad! What's going on!?"


The closest infected notices Han's noises, then turns toward the car that they are both crouched behind. Slowly scraping it's feet across the ground, picking up speed as it walks toward the duo. Cade notices it walking towards them, and quickly turns by the corner of the car and stabs the walker in the eye, as its motions become reduced. Cade pulls his knife out of the body as it drops the the ground.

"There was *static* ambush! We need *static*-elp!"

"What's going on!?"

More gunshots are heard from a distance. Automatic weapons, more than one.

"We're coming right now! Hide until we get there."

Han begins sprinting towards the direction he assigned the group, Cade runs behind him.

"James, Stella, do-*pant*-you copy!? JAMES!?"

The gunshot sounds end. The only thing Cade and Han can hear are their footsteps on the concrete, running past industrial buildings and wrecked vehicles. Han can barely speak into the walkie-talkie as he breathes heavily while running.

"Vlad, what's happening?"

A loud static is heard from the walkie-talkie. Han furiously tries to get a response.


"We can fucking hear you."

Han immediately stops running. He breathes heavily as he tries to listen to whoever is on the walkie-talkie. Cade slows down behind him, leaning in close to get a clear listen.

"After all, we always have been listening. Come to the factory building, and we wont kill your friends."


"The real demons of this new world we live in, are not the undead that roam the streets, chewing on flesh and suckling on organs. The real demons are the ones that wear masks and prey on the weak. Heartless and ruthless, they never show signs of mercy. These are the real threats of the apocalypse."


Coming soon.

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Nice read,

I enjoyed it alot honestly Im hyped for chapter 2 D;

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Great Story i gotta say

Nice read,

I enjoyed it alot honestly Im hyped for chapter 2 D;

Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it.

Chapter 2 will be coming soon. :D

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Great story, keep it up man.

Thank you.

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Very enjoyable! Good job

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Thank you guys, I really appreciate it.

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I really liked this story and that plot-twist as you can say so I'm hyped for more. But how do you make so good graphic design? Because it really shows how much work you are putting into this.

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Very good read, looking forward to the next part!

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It needs to be a book outside of DayZRP, No jokes, seriously.

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It needs to be a book outside of DayZRP, No jokes, seriously.

Maybe, one day haha. Thanks man.

I really liked this story and that plot-twist as you can say so I'm hyped for more. But how do you make so good graphic design? Because it really shows how much work you are putting into this.

Well, I've been doing graphic design for quite a while now. I like my stories to look nice and neat. :D

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Updated with Chapter 2! Check it out.

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Updated with Chapter 2! Check it out.

Woahh  i expected that to turn a completly different way! I thought he was gonna shoot that guy!

 im excited to find out whats Next!

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Updated with Chapter 2! Check it out.

Woahh  i expected that to turn a completly different way! I thought he was gonna shoot that guy!

 im excited to find out whats Next!

Thanks man, I like keeping my stories unpredictable. :D

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This is well written. I enjoyed it...

But I was kinda enjoying the dynamic between Stevie and Cade. It soon becomes yet another search for yet another lost loved one instead of the Last of Us type feel I was hoping for.

That being said, I need to read chapter 3 before I truly constructively criticize. :)


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This is well written. I enjoyed it...

But I was kinda enjoying the dynamic between Stevie and Cade. It soon becomes yet another search for yet another lost loved one instead of the Last of Us type feel I was hoping for.

That being said, I need to read chapter 3 before I truly constructively criticize. :)


Don't worry, I have something planned. :D

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MORE! loved it and sad that you stopped there....grrr

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As I said before I'm hyper for more as I continue to enjoy your story, when can we expect chapter 3?

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Guest BearSchaef


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As I said before I'm hyper for more as I continue to enjoy your story, when can we expect chapter 3?

Probably tomorrow night. :D

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Mother of god. Chapter 2 did it again. Must be a book.

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This story can go multiple ways, and I can't decide which way I want to stick with, so I decided to make a straw poll to let you guys decide what happens next.

Vote here: http://strawpoll.me/4906353/

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