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[All Frequencies] First Contact

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With the grunts and groans of those... things... only reaching him though the occasional well directed breeze, Shane guesses he's far away enough to finally risk the sound that his new found prize may let out. He had never been more scared in his life going into that army tent, hearing how close they were. It was worth it though. He twists the knob on the top to the 'on' position. 


Relief and uncertainty come over him at once. He thinks to himself

'Well at least I'm still hidden, but is this radio even working?'

He gives the radio a quick whack on his palm, for which it lets out a short sharp squelch. He notices that a small LED has now turned on. Relief turns into excitement. He depresses the thumb sized button on the side.

You hear a gentle voice speaking in an Australian accent.

"My name is Shane Davidson. I have been lost for 2 days. I have food and water, and means to defend myself... but I'm scared... and lonely."

"I am on the outskirts of a town, ummm... C, T, A, P, little B, I, backwards N with a thing on top. Then C, O, upside-down little G, O, P."

"If there is anyone listening to this, I will be here for another 24 hours."

Shane twists the 'channel' knob to the next increment and repeats his message, he changes the channel, repeats the message and so on and so on.

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*Inhales a lung full of smoke from his freshly lit cigarette, then exhales filling the air around him with a cloud of smoke. He hears the transmission from the man then clicks the talk button button on his radio to reply.*

"Might've just bought yourself a robbery."

*Clicks radio off, then inhales another lung full of smoke then exhales. He sits under a tree staring at the vast ocean below him and continues smoking.*

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