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Phil Grimes - Background

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"Herr Schmitt, wir beginnen nun mit der Aufnahme

20 Februar 2009, Berlin, Treptow-Köpenick

Aktenkennzeichen : 211431/0

Verdächtiger : AG-307/1

Name: unbekannt

Nationalität: unbekannt

Absichten: wahrscheinlich Spionage

haben sie alles notiert?"

Mr. Schmitt, we' ll start the record

20 Febuary 2009, Berlin, Treptow-Köpenick

File Reference:211431/0

Suspect: AG-307/1

Name: unknown

Nationality: unknown

Intensions: probably espionage

"Ja alles notiert."

Yes, everything noted

"Beginnen wir nun mit der letzten Befragung. Ich hoffe Sie werden dieses mal kooperieren andernfalls werden wir zu anderen Mitteln greifen müssen ..."

Let's start the interogation. I hope you will cooperate, otherwise we'll have to deal with you in a different way ...

"Fuck you!"

[spitting sound can be heared]

"In ordnung Sie lassen uns keine andere Wahl. Bringen Sie 'Joker' herein, er wird ab jetzt die Befragung leiten!"

Fine, you don't leave me any choice. Call in "Joker", he'll lead the interrogation from now"

[you hear someone talking but you can not hear what the person is saying. The door opens and Phil Grimes slowly steps in]

"Guten Abend meine Herren, ist es nicht ein wunderschöner Abend?"

Good evening gentlemen, isn't it a beautifull evening today?

[you can hear Grimes smoking]

"Unser ... Verdächtiger will nicht kooperieren, sind sie bereit die Befragung zu leiten? Ich will nicht mit solch einem ...."

Our ... Suspect doesn't want to cooperate, are you ready to lead the interrogation? I don't want to ....

"Haben sie das Grammophon bereitgestellt?"

Is the gramophone set up?

"Ja, es steht bereit"

Yes, it is ready

[someone places the disc into the gramophone, music begins to play, two persons leave the room, Grimes whistleing the beginning ( 15 seconds ).

You can hear, that he enjoys  the music]


"Also ... Sie sprechen doch deutsch, Herr ... Pawlow? Sofern das ihr richtiger Name ist ...."

So ... You speak German, Mr. .... Pawlow? If it's your real name...."

"I already told you ... to fuck you! I wont tell you anything!"

"Okay if these are your last words, lets see if this will make you cooperate a little bit more, Mr. Pawlow"

[you can hear him opening a suitcase and you hear him taking something out]

"You see this Mr. Pawlow, this is one of the tools I love the most. It seems that it's only a simple needle and i guess a tough man like you wont be afraid of it, but if you have the medical knowlege i have .... well ... such a needle can become an perfect instrument to make someone tell me, what I want to know"

[You can hear him desinfecting the needle, whisteling again to the melody of Chopins nocturne. Pawlow screams]

"Who the fuck are you? Tell me your name! Who sent you here?!"

"Screw you you german bastard"

[Grimes punches Pawlow]

"One more time: 'Who the fuck are you, tell me your name and who send you here?"

[Pawlow spits blood you hear how Pawlow gets punched again. A chair falls on the ground. Grimes searches for something else]

"So Mr Pawlow, are you going to talk now? Or do i have to use this ...?"

[Pawlow is scared, you can hear it in his voice]

"I .... I ... I will not tell you anything"

"Then I have no choice ...."

[Pawlow screams again, you can hear he's suffering. He spits blood on the floor and you can hear him whiper]

"You ... are a monster ... how can you be so calm ... how can you do this to me? I ... I did nothing wrong!"

"Oh you did Mr. Pawlow ... You are a spy. You've been caught when you tried to make copys of secret data Mr. Clumsy ... I told you to tell me everything, but you insist being such an awfull person, you are not a gentleman, are you?"

[You hear a kick]

"Last chance Mr. Clumsy, if you give me the answers, you will not have to suffer anymore."

"I .... I am ... "

"Yes? Go on. Name?"

"Dimitrij Alexejev"



"Where do you live there"

"Kamenka, 25"

"You know why they call me the Joker? They call me the Joker, because I am your trump card. You know what Chernorussia does to traitors don't you?"

"They take the whole family ... no one knows where they go ... but they never come back"

"Yes, and now it's going to similar"

[you hear Alexejev crying the music stops to play and a guard comes in. Grimes writes something on a note, and you hear the guard rushing outside]

"Sind sie fertig?"

Are you ready?

"Ja, ich habe der Wache soeben alle Informationen, die sie gebraucht haben über den Mann ausgehändigt. Er wird nun kooperieren, da bin ich mir sicher, darf ich nun gehen?"

Yes, I gave all information to the guard, that you needed. He'll cooperate from now on, for sure, may i leave now?

"Ja, gehen Sie und danke für ihre erneute hilfe"

Yes, you may leave, thanks for helping out again

[Grimes leaves the room, taking his suitcase and says]

"Don't worry Mr Alexejev, everything will be okay now"


[align=left]23. Febuary 2009, Berlin

I can't sleep, I see her face again. Why couldn't i protect her? Why did she have to go ... It is all my fault. And it's my fault Alexejev was killed. No one knows, if it were the chernorussians or the KGB or who ever. Fuck this! I can't handle it anymore. Dr. Bernstein told me that it wasn't my fault, but he doesn't know shit. I checked this idiots background and how is an alcoholic able to tell my whats right or not? He was the worst student in University.

15. March 2009, Berlin

I got a note, that we probably have intel who killed Alexejev. Hopefully we can solve whoever did this.


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--------- Short travel diary, background for the history ----------

Several weaks have passed since i left Chernarus. I looked at myself in the mirror ... and what I see is someone who probably lost everything. I send a morse message to the Trust hopefully they recieved it. I told Chief about my plans to travel to Germany. It took me so long to gather intel about the situation in this fucked up country. I failed my personal mission and couldn't find Alexejews family. It's my duty to tell them what happened to him and I hope that they'll be able to forgive me some day. I made my way north to the baltic sea. It was a pain in the ass to gather the god damned fuel for this piece of shit i called "ship" when i was talking to Chief. I hope everyone is doing fine and that I'll meet them again ... hopefully alive and not as one of these Infected.

I met a survivor, nearly shot him in his face. His name is Johannes Birkenstock. I met him in north Poland when i was gathering some supplies. He told me that he was on holidays when this whole stuff happened and he tried to contact Germany somehow. I took something he calls a "radio" on the ship and he tries still to contact any german survivors... guess there wont be any answer, but at least i have a companion.

Four days have passed since i met Johannes. He seems to be a good person, he helps where he can. He told me about his family. His wife got bitten by an infected girl, they didn't know that she'll turn after a bite ... poor guy ... she killed there only girl, her name was Daniel. He blames himself for that insident, although it wasn't his fault. I get some sleep finally now it's his turn to watch the sea.

After one week has passed he told me he got a radio message. I was on a supply run on the coast. I think he just imagined something that he wanted to happen. He is talking all the time about something called "New German Order." It's supposed to be a town of survivors who were not infected. I don't trust big towns, who are supposed to be safe ... Dolina used to be safe too...

I am sitting in a house, I've got surrounded by infected. There are lots of them, 20, 40 maybe 60. I told Johannes on the radio to keep calm and stay on the ship. I think the doors wont hold long enough ... i think i am going to die ... they already broke the main entrance and i am sitting upstairs in a small room, which used to be a familys kids room. I think this is the end for Sgt, Phil Grimes. I call it karma ... One lat run outside with my fellow Ak-74 and Shotgun. My hands are shaking i hope i get as many of these fuckers as i can... I messaged Johannes again and told him to wait until the infected are gone and to take my notebook if i die. Hopefully he'll get to Chernarus and give it to you Chief. I promised not to die, but i don't think i can hold the promise under this sircumstances. They are already knocking at the door. Time to share my bullets filled with love. Cherio my friends.

I don't know how i survived this shit, but i guess it wasn't my time to leave this garbage whole, everyone calls earth. I am exhausted i slept for 3 days. Didn't get bitten. Johannes seems to be a good sniper.

We reached north east Berlin we'll continue the travel by foot now. Hopefully we find a truck. We are going to the place Johannes heard about. Guess it'll be a one way trip with no chance of survival.

I can' believe it. It was real. The NGO exists. I am watching it through my binoculars ... I can see walls maybe 5 meters high ... And I've seen a truck drive away and return. As far as I know infected didn't learn how to use cars yet. Time to check it out.

I am in quaranteen right now, they want to be sure we were not infected. We were examined by doctors and they took a bit of blood to be sure i guess. They took our weapons but left our supplies and gave us new cloths. God dammit I am dressed in white... I feel like a god damned hippy. I want my beautifull black clothing back ... I hate wearing light clothes. I've heard the guards talk and the place we are in is called "Fort Berlinum." They were talking about a town, called Novo Berlin, it's probably the so called "capital" of this hippy nest. They seem not to be scared of the Infected. Befor i went into the town, i've seen a smaller truck full of infected. Hopefully we wont be their next meal.

3 Days in quarranteen they let me out. Johannes is still in, because he caughed blood. This poor bastard got sick, hopefully not of this infection. They want me to a guy called the "Keeper." I am curious, it might be the biggest douchebag or someone similar to Chief. Guess there'll be lot of questions that i'll have to answer.

-----*history begins*------

I. An old Friend

They have taken him outside the cell. Two guards, heavy armed and well trained. "Not too harsh you douchbags," he yelled. "I can go all by myself." He passed the cell where Johannes was in. He was curious and scared why he is still in the cell and why they took him. "Hopefully i am not the food for these god damned Infected," he thought after a while. He keeps walking the long coridor, about 2 meters bright and 15 meters long. Every 4 meters, doors of cells and in front of him, was one big metal door. It would be impossible for him to run away, one guard walked in front of him and one behind. Every step he made made an eccho, it make him suffer like he would have done something bad. He didn't understand anything. His hearth was beating fast but he kept calm. He did not want them to know, that he is afraid. Finally he reached the door, he was unsure if he should try to knock the guards off and escape this crazy place, he did nothing. The door opens and bright sunlight rushes into the coridor, blinding him like an exploding phosphor granade. He covered his eyes with his left hand and tried to peek between the fingers what is behind the door. One of the guards pushed him in the back "Keep on moving," he said and pushed him out of the door. The first thing he heared, were children singing and music playing. He was stunned, shocked, couldn't move.

"What is this place?", he mumbeled. "Fort Berlinum," one of the guards answered smiling. The sky was blue, it was a clear day, not even a single cloud on the sky. There were a few one and two story houses and 4 big buildings. The guards put there weapons down and lead him to one of the big houses. It looked like a townhall to him. "Go ahead stranger, move to the second floor and go straight, there will be a double door, were you wanna enter," one guard said. He noded and did as the guard said. He entered the the building. To the left and right were coridors about 20 meters long, pictures of old german presidents and kanzlers were decorating the walls and a red carped on the stairs. He looked arround and continued to move to the second floor and entered a coridor similar to the floor befor, without any pictures. He went straight, the floor was about 30 meters long. There were doors by the left and right, where he heared people talk and argue about intern stuff and he finally reached the wooden double doors. He took a deep breath, knocked and entered the room.

"Phil," a voice said, "you crazy bastard, I knew you are not dead. How could someone like you not survive in a shit hole called chernarus after the shit hit the fen." The person laughed and was sitting on a big chair with the back to him. "How come you know my name? Who the hell are you?", he asked nervously. The person turned around and opened his arms smiling at him. "Markus? ... Is that really you?" "Yes it's me you old scumbag," he laughed, "Welcome to Fort Berlinum, the place were the greate 6 restored humanity again." He was confused and didn't know what to ask first, but then he mumbled "So Germany has fallen, didn't it?" "Yes, we think that every gouvernment that existed is no more. The Germany you knew is no more." "What are the great 6?", he asked.

"Curious as ever Grimes, but let me tell you the whole story," Grimes nods and Markus continues,

"After the outbreak people began to die and to turn into these monsters, the German gouvernment try to establishe save zones, but it didn't work out. The zones were overrun by the hungry infected and there was no chance of protecting the people. Most of the people gathered together and formed group to ensure the survival, you should know how it works, when there is anarchy. The weak look for strong people to protect them, strong people look for weak to rob them. It's always like old Darwin said 'survival of the fittest.' Anyway there was one group of ex soldiers, who gathered together and tried to protect the people and comrades, we didn't have a name, but we were called the new 'Bundeswehr,' sometimes heroes. We were like nomads traveling arround and trying to restore order somehow, anyway, there were people who didn't want the old system back, they wanted to go rampage, kill others, torture them or whatever. But there were other groups that wanted to restore the order, too. 'The green Star,' a group of former Policeofficers and SEK ( german SWAT ), 'German military force,' a group of civilists who got some good equipment and fought and protected the weaker ones, 'the red cross assossiation', former doctors medics and civilists, "Plenum universitatis" former teachers, scientists and professors, who wanted to help out with their knowlege and last but not least, one of the biggest groups, who called themself

'the Bond', who was a mix of all kind of friendly people you could imagined. One group for each was weak and couldn't resist. There was one group who has grown to the biggest group we know, they called themself 'Germanys pride.' it's full of the biggest douchebags you can imagine. The group used to be peasfull, Franz was the leader of the group, but then there was a coup d'état in the group and the new leader killed him, by throwing him into a whole full of infected. He got eaten alive... Poor bastard. We knew there has to be a changed so we met 50km away from here at an old airfield. We were 6 leaders and all our group members behind, everyone heavy armed ready to shoot each other in case one of us gets killed by one of the other groups. We formed an alliance and our groups united under the banner of the 'New German Order.' The place became our capital and together we build something you could call a micro country. We had one big war with GP but we somehow managed to scare them off, they are probably trying to gather more people and hunt us down, but we are prepared,' Markus laughed. 'But why do you collect all these Infected?"

"We catch them and send them to Novo Berlin. We have scientist who try to make a cure, but it didn't work by now." "And what will happen to Johannes? Why did you keep him in the cell?"

"I am sorry to tell you, but it seems he has been infected. We do our best, to prove that he is not, but caughing blood is one of the symptoms. Maybe it's just an bacterial infection of his loungs or maybe his throat is injured, we are working to find out about it as soon as possible. Anyway I'll show you were you will live. There will be guards near your house, it's for your safety. I told you these things because I trust you, but to live heare peacfully the others have to trust you."

"Sounds familiar to me," he smiled and went down the floor with Markus and head to his new house.

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