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Jims General Store Frequency!

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*Music is hear in the background*

Welcome weary travelers!

Mr Jim Dweyer speaking from in front of my fine luxury General store!

Come by Tomorrow afternoon for our Grand Spectacular opening of our first location.

Come Get some Jim Jerky and Save on some Dweyer Deals!

Please come ready to trade!

*Static as Jim Signs off*

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Guest CUDA

Jaka whilst writing his manifesto hears the radio errupt with sound.

A sound that can only be described by Jaka as...nonsense. 

Jaka picks up his radio presses the button that transmits his voice and begins to speak.

We shall see how long your store lasts mistah...

I hope you replaced the windows sense my last visit.

Jaka turns off his radio and sets it on the desk in front of him.

He continues to write his manifesto.

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*Static as Jim voice fades in*

Hey i appreciating you boys SHARING your bullets with my shop

Next time maybe don't run off when i come to confront you!

*Jim laughs as he goes back to finishing his shop repairs*

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Matvei studies his tattered map of Chernarus carefully with his finger on the pages. With an old pen he makes small marks on the map where has met people. He tucks his lips and shakes his head - thinking about how stupid it is that he cannot trust even the names gives to him by anyone, how hard it has been just to find out anything about the people here. He hears the transmission from this Jim Dweyer about the store - the look in his eyes softens and his brow relaxes - the idea of honest people trying to make a living amongst others goes straight to his heart. then, to hear the threats of another man slither through the speaker... Matvei imagines the night when his friends were almost robbed, the dark shapes, the sudden jolts of his rifle, the silent hope in his mind that he would kill the "James" and "Sergei" with his bullets... He imagines this store, with a hard working man building it up with his hands. He imagines two gunmen approaching, the worried look on the store keeper's face... Matvei imagines the down slope shot punching through the chest of the aggressors - the blood of the first sloshing on the feet of the second gunman... He imagines the gunman running, the second shot through the lung, and the folded body of the would-be bandit tumbling across the gravel road...

Matvei spits into the dirt, and takes a long draw from his cigar... He can't trust what he doesn't know. He doesn't know these men, He doesn't know the real name of anyone he has met, He doesn't know the men at the campfire in Cherno days before, he doesn't even know the men he met at Dolina. Dolina is a mess from the sound of it, and it seems Matvei is back at square one - trying to figure out who is who in this place, silently wishing he had never come out of hiding.

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Sterling hears the initial transmission and the ones following it.

"Mr. Dweyer, you place of trade intrigues me.  Also my condolences for the carelessness of others.  If you seek aid in rebuilding that which has been lost perhaps I can offer the aid of my brothers and sisters?

A zombie gurgles in the backround*  "Quiet, you!  I realize your upset but now is clearly not the time to address it!"

The radio is placed in the ground but still transmits

A shot rings out*  "be at peace."

Rustling sounds are heard as the radio is picked back up.

"my name is Sterling, Sterling Jacobs.  get back to me on this frequency if you require anything of the sort."

The transmission cuts out.

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Mickey, flipping through radio frequencies briefly hears music and the words of a loud man on the radio before flipping to another frequency. Curious as to what the hell that was, Mickey quickly switches back to the frequency to listen to the strange man, before replying to him.

"So you've opened a general store, huh? That is indeed interesting... and possibly beneficial to me."

Mickey's voice gets quieter for a moment, before returning to normal levels, but with a slightly more sinister tone behind it. 

"Yes, I might indeed have to make a trip and see you gentlemen tomorrow, I'm looking for something more... exotic than what most of your customers are looking for; but I know for a fact you carry what I desire and in quite the abundance as well. The only foreseeable issue is persuading you to part this this delicacy, though I'm sure I'll be more than convincing when I arrive."

You can barely hear the sound of laughter from under Mickey's breath.

"Oh, the name's Michael by the way, but you can just call me Mickey. I just know it will be a pleasure" Mickey pauses briefly "shopping with you. I just hope your stock doesn't completely drain by the time I get there; although, I believe that matter is entirely up to you and your interactions with others. Well, I'll be seeing you soon, Mr. Dweyer."

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