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Big shout out from West Yorkshire

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Guest Bio arm


Thought i would get in on some RP action. Not played for about 6 weeks as i was sick of being killed by hackers all the time and was going to wait for the SA version to come out before i played again.

Cant play at the mo as the wife broke my keyboard (using on screen one)but im getting one at the wkend :)

Not been playing long (Feb 2013) but love the game and cant wait to get out on the field with you all :)


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Guest Bio arm

Good to see yet another Brit!

See you out there boyo and hopefully we can find ye a a reight bobby dazzler!

Ha ha, looking forward it pal :D

Im the process of filling out the Whitelist and was just wondering what the passphrase is?

Cant find any info on the matter and i dont want to leave it blank as its a required field.

One more thing, does our character need to have a first and last name or can we use usernames?


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