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Surviving Man

83.9MHz - Attention God-mongering zealots!

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*Terry pulls a radio off one of the downed men after the firefight, handing a stick of morphine to his friend Stephen "Hear you go, friend - courtesy of the Church collection plate." He smirks and begins to speak into the radio*

Attention all God-mongerers! The stench of your dogma has been cleansed from this compound. Although it was fun exchanging fire as we waited for the second coming of Christ - it is with great pleasure that we were able to send you to the black. Just as it was before you were dragged into this world, from the womb of mother (whom which, immaculate conception did not occur!) you will return.

*Terry rummages through the men's belongings, ripping pages out of a bible to roll cigarettes*

I don't blame you entirely for your stupidity, the brainwashing also played a part in your foolishness and self-righteousness. Thank you for the bullets and whatever supplies we scrounged from your bodies.

In the words of the great poets, Deicide:

Fuck. Your. God.

*Terry turns the radio off and begins to attend to his newly attained cadavers*

"...For science."

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*Grabs radio from Terry, He disappointingly presses down on the button and begins speaking*

It is a sad day today but mainly for the uneducated.  These religious hypocrites decided to attack us.  I know one of you is out there that survived our killings and I have to ask...  How does it feel that your friends are now dead?  Well here's some closure for you, their bodies will not go to waste.  We will use these samples for the benefits of science.  You decided to attack us for no reason, defying the word of your own God.   It angers me that such uneducated individuals such as yourselves exist, you are nothing but pure idiotic beings.  We live our lives studying and helping conserve the environment. You ran around causing nothing but a pathetic attempt of mayhem.  I will not see the filth known as your being ever again.

*Steven tosses the radio back on the bullet ridden body*

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Guest Flluroz

* Picks the same exact radio up, frowning before speaking into it. *

Well... I wanted to say something but... There it is.

* Sighs, throwing the radio away. *

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