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This is what happens to traitors.. Unknown Radio Freq.

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*A black large radio would be placed near a man the button of the radio would be switched on, Patrick Rabbit is standing in a large metal barn, would be tied up standing there while men in a line are aiming their AKMs at Patrick Rabbit, Killian would be on Patricks left.

Griffen Blade: "Patrick Rabbit you are here by accused of treason against the Black Sky militia and Red Sky militia for..

One, Releasing Alec B. from your custody and allowing her to assault you and then placing false charges upon her.

Patrick Rabbit: "Oh shit.. Eh I don't know what's going on!" *Wimpers*

Griffen Blade: "Two, Evading capture on numerous occasions.

What do you have to say about these charges if you do not have anything to say then forever hold yourself in peace."

Patrick Rabbit: "Killian please!!"

Killian Rabbit: "Traitor.." *Looks away*

Jackson Fissure: "ANSWER GRIFFEN!"

Griffen Blade: "Speak now or forever hold yourself in peace.."

*A man from the line reloads his AKM*

*Killian Rabbit walks up to Patrick slicing Patricks throat with a combat knife*

Killian Rabbit: *Looks at Patrick and then back to the line of BSM officers while patrick is bleeding out* "This is what happens to traitors.. FIRE!!!"

*The men in the line aim for patricks head and body, pulling their triggers unloading rounds into patrick*

Killian Rabbit: "This is what happens when you betray your own."

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