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Raun Paru

Trading RP1/RP2

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Just a simple suggestion or two.


When RP2 is live trade topics should be listed as


This would make it really easy to manage.

For entrepreneurs:



RP1 Selling M24/5 Mags

RP2 Selling M240B/2 Mags

RP1 Selling Weapons

RP2 Selling All Items

You may think it would be super generic and hard to find threads

because they may be similarly named.

if that's the case add [FLARE] field (similar to reddit)

as a field at the end after item type(s) to personalize the title.


The first post should have some sort of description of what your

selling, and available times (estimate) that you can be on to trade

should someone PM you an offer.

Trade threads are full of "OFFER THIS!" and you have to read 5 pages in to

make sure the stock listed is indeed there. Offers can be PM'd the trade

thread can be used for comments on the trade/"store"

like positive/negative feedback.

The first post can just be edited to cross out anything that's been sold, and

may add the buyer unless they ask the deal to be confidential.

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