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The Global Chernarus Law Book


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Even though it's a post apocalyptic zombiemadness, I've still noticed how this community has become a, well.. sort of community! I think an actual "Law" book should be written, whereas a couple of the staff, or specific chosen forum members, sat down and discussed how the rules should be. Aaaall those little things.

Even though it's quite a lot of writing and work, it would still be a great addition to the server and the whole report-section, as you could sit down and read the subject of the incident through. This would save a lot of discussion and time. (I mean, I've seen reports go on for DAYS..AEONS)

I already see a lot of effort from many people, who try and help imrove the server already. This could be another improvement.

And if it sounds a bit "mmmneeehh", maybe due to the RP reasons etc.. but I see ingame as a sort of "yeah we're here, we're staying, we know it.. might as well start a clan and fulfill our goals!".

Or if it's just all wrong with RP, you could just have it as a server-rule book-sorta thing.

Also, I apologize if I have no idea what I'm writing, but I'm very high right now, and I just.. felt like writing all of this. If I don't, my brain starts to prod me from the inside.



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Maybe you should write this when you're not stoned so you can get your ideas across more effectively :)

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Stop! You have violated the Law! Pay the court a fine or serve your sentance. Your stolen goods are now forfeit.

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I am the law here :P

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